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Maria D
Air getting trapped in throat!?
ive had this problem for a couple of weeks now....everytime i breathe in there is like excess air in my throat....its like when ur outside on a really cold day and u take a deep breath and like it feels tickly and stuff.....i went to the doctors and they sed u could have asthma or its stress related....if it was asthma it would be only once in a while, but everytme i breath in its there..HAS ANYONE HAD THIS? IF SO....what is it?ahhhhhh

i have that from time to time and i do have a touch of asthma...sometimes it lasts only a few hours, sometimes days...and allergies make it worse

poo hed

Laura J
O My God, that is sooo totally weird. I think you should burp

bumble bee:)
i ahvent got it, but if it is really bugging you go see a doctor. dont put ur life at risk- and dont run a mil or anthing, cuz itll hurt u. get medical help again- i dunno get a check up or something

Ive got that but I smoke if you smoke or have smoked that could have caused it


Karrien Sim Peters
Yes I have something like that. Plus i can hear gurgling in my ears like its the blood flowing or something. I think it is stress related and it probably has to do with your throat being irritated or your tonsils. I am having mine checked out as well. If you haven't checked for sleep aptnea now would be a good time. I have it as well. Its just were our throats are really swollen.

it might be nothing, or you could have asthma, it can, in some cases, be triggered at least 4 times a week, there is no set attack obviously. You could have TB but that is highly unlikely, do you cough up phlem? but i have also had a similar thing when i was breathing in saw dust but it went away after a while. you could have breathed in even concentrated amounts of dust.

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