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Notre Dame fan Mommy
Will vicodin help me sleep?
I'm in alot of pain and I can't sleep. I figure there's no use in taking one if it won't help me sleep. Will it?
Additional Details
I know they're addicting, which is why I said I won't take one unless they help me go to sleep. The pain is physical. I've tried Tyleonl pm's along with several other OTC sleeping aids and they don't work for me. I refuse to take ambien because when I was on it, I would wake up going outside or doing something crazy. This one time I took it, I had just moved into my house. In my sleep I had unpacked all of our boxes and cut my hand with a box cutter. I won't be taking it again.

Cindy B
Oh yeah! LOL

Buttery (__|__) Biscuits
It will definitely take away your pain. I have taken it and have had difficulties falling asleep so I guess it depends on the individual. Try Tylenol sleeping pills for the sleep and pain relief.

Vicodin is a pain killer and is very addictive. You are better off getting Ambien or some other prescription.

The Doctor perscribed the pain killers for you these are trained professionals and if you abide by there directions for the use of the Vicodan then you will have no problems. If the pain is keeping you up then take the meds the Dr. prescribed to you. I have had many broken bones over the years and hae been given all different kinds and strengths of opiates. Just follow the directions and do not abuse you will be fine. Ambine did the same thing to me I would take it to sleep and not remember what I had done that day but there are other types of sleep medication consult you Dr.

At times I have taken this it wipes me out, other times it did nothing. I found something better so do not need that nasty stuff. Depends on each person though. We know longer let people in our home because of someone ripping of my sons seizure pills. I would not mention taking these to anyone but immediate family if I were you. To many thief's that pretend to be your friends....
Some of the pain killers put me into a seizure, while others make me throw up. So just see how you will react to them. Sounds like you know the getting hooked lecture....

Yes, it should help

Shelly B
I would consider seeing your physician for another sleep aid. There are several other perscription medications to help you sleep....Vicodin has different affects on different people....I take it..and it does not make me sleepy....in fact...it keeps me awake. I can rest...lay very very still for hours on end..but never fall asleep...My husband, however, as had it in the past...and it makes him very sleepy...as well as very nauseated.....

The only way you'll know how it affect you, would be to try it. However....if the pain is the reason you can't sleep...and the vicodin relieves the pain...then maybe you can get some rest....Good luck!

it will help you sleep but trust me when i tell you that you dont want to become addicted to them. i have been on that ride & do not want to go there again. if you have to have a prescription then why dont you try a pain management such as methadone cuz its a maintenance program & you can be weaned off although that is hard to overcome too.

Is the pain physical or mental? I wouldn't take vicodin as a sleep aid because of a probable dependence/addiction. Any pain killer that is in the opiate group will make you sleepy.

yes they do help with sleep but there are 2 other things to worry about. Constipation and addiction.

Well, it's purpose is to stop pain...then you could probably fall asleep. One of the most common side effects is drowsiness, too.

Reva P
There is a huge gap between the meds that you've already tried and vicodin. It could well be that you can manage with much less by way of pain meds. See your doctor about this. Also, if this is chronic pain (6 months or more), then you should be referred to a pain clinic for a more comprehensive assessment and a better plan for your pain management.

without a doubt, trust me!

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