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 I have a tense pain in my chest
It won't go away...I'm not even worried about anything in particular but I can't relax...any ideas what I can do?
Additional Details
thanks cool...you are the only one who ...

 I experienced really bad period pains...?
They were so bad I had to leave work and found it difficult to walk and broke out in hot flushes, had a ringing in my ear and even my vision was blurry. It has happened before (I once went blind for ...

 My ear hurts?
i have sharp pains in my ear and iv had suggestions that i busted my ear drum. fluid comes out and it hurts almost all the time please help what is it and what should i do
Additional Details...

 My neck aches really bad, advice please.?
I I had a migraine all day yesterday and this morning woke up with really bad neck ache i can not shift, any suggestions, please ?...

 Can anyone tell me the cure for migraines (with aura)?

 Whats the best pain relief for period pain??
any ...

 How can i stop my head from hurting?
my head hurts =[
Additional Details
and no, i dont want to cut it off....

 Seeking percocet- without a perscription & without credit card?

 How many painkillers are too many?
i have a friend who always seems to be taking pain killers! they are over the counter ones such as solphadine etc.... everyday its something different like headache, girly pains, hungover etc. I ...

 How do you relieve the pain that comes with sunburn?
I was outside pretty much all day, and now i have a really bad sunburn. Is there a way to make it go away any faster or a way to make it hurt less?...

 The back of my head hurts like crazy! please read...?
I'm 13 years old.. my head started hurting today..
it feels like my brain kinda but idk. its making me
dizzy and its like in the back. im really feeling kinda
ditzy and confused....

 Help, I am in SO much pain :<(?
This never happened to me before and I had no idea what it was until I searched it online and found out I had a boil! It's right between my inner thighs and it hurts so bad I just want to cry. ...

 Please help me. I am in alot of pain!!?
Ok well about 3 days ago I went the doctor (because my back was in alot of pain). My doctor said that it was a strained muscle. So know I'm on medication for it. My doctor said that it will go ...

 I may have accidentally overdosed on ibuprofen. HELP!?
I was feeling nauseous and groggy, so I just ate 11 ibuprofen tablets in one minute. Then i checked the label on the bottle and it said the maximum you should take is 6 tablets in 24 hours. Am i ...

 My whole left side of my throat hurts bad and my left ear , i don't?
have fever,chills body pain am just sleep and hungry and i can't eat. i have a 3month baby and a 2 yr old so i can't just go to my dr's i have to wait till my husband is off, so how ...

 I have a sharp pain in my chest. Somebody told me it could be my lung collapsing Is that true?
I never drink water and i always have to go to the hospital for ...

 Is this worth seeing a doctor for?
I have sharp stabbing pains pulsing in my left foot. The area is on the top and outside part of my foot. I felt the pain every now and then but it has been constant for the past two days. Just ...

 Anyone have any experience of migraines in children?
My 9 year old boy is suffering really badly from headaches which have migraine-like symptoms - sensitive to light and noise, etc.
Doctors don't know what's causing it.
Does anyone ...

 What is the side effect of Aspirin?
If some one take Aspirin on daily basess what is the side effect?...

 Cleaning ear with ear ache?
Is it safe to clean out your ear when you are currently having an earache? I haven't been to the doctor or anything, but I am using some antibiotics that I have saved from my last ear ache. I ...

Will muscle relaxers help bad period cramps?

Additional Details
Normal pain killers and midol aren't helping...

LOL, help the cramps or make you feel better? No, Yes, Respectively.

Jennifer N
Yes and some docs ever give pain meds for really bad cramps. Depends on the level of pain and the MD you see :)

Yes it will ..and why do guys bother answering a question they have NO business answering!!

MIchelle J
Ibuprofin works for me. I usually take about 600 mg 3 times a day until the cramps are gone. Ibuprofin also works a little as a muscle relaxant.

motrin ib works real well it takes swelling down muscle relaxers don't

TTC # 1 Since Oct 07
Im sure if would, but I would go with something a little milder and safer and something that actually is for menstral cramps... Midol.

Yes...thats all Midol is... a softer dose of Ibprofin, which will relax your muscles and relieve the pain and reduce swelling. The higher the ibprofin the more relax you will be from muscle tension and swelling from fluid too. I use to use the Motrin or for something stronger I used the ib800 or ib600.


Mmmmhmmm, girl. I have Tramadol which is the off-brand to Ultram. And I will say it again: Mmmmhmmm, girl.

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