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 What can I do to eliminate pain (soreness) in my big toe?
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 I dont know what's wrong with me, help?
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 Does my back hurt because my chest is too big?
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 How dangerous is it to have taken more tablets than prescribed?
having been prescribed soluble aspirin to prevent strokes at a dose of 1 a day..... the patient who is a little forgetful ...due to age .... has taken at least triple that ... even though ... they ...

 Whats causing my dads stabbing and buring pain in his foot?
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 Anyone got a natural remedies for heartburn,indigestion?
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 I'm in my 20's and my knees are cracking and grinding and causing pain, mostly when going up/down steps.
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 Nose piercing??
i really want to gte my nose pierced.
and if i do, will they use a gun or a needle?
will it hurt/sting or give headaches?
and what size should i get?
any advice on it< please ...

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 What would cause shooting pains in the lower right stomach just below your hip?

 When i go outside in the cold my hands become numb and swollen reallybad, and it doesnt go away?
Is that Normal?...

 Do chiropractors really help if you have chronic back problems?
I had back surgery (L5-S1 Laminectomy) about 5 years ago and have alot of lower back and left leg discomfort. I receive epidural steroid shots in my back occasionally but the relief is short-lived....

 Pain when i drink alcohol???
i get a pain in my right side or heart sometimes after i drink alcohol...???

what does this mean?? why do i get it?? suggestions

btw im only 16...

 How bad does ear piercing hurt?
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 How do you remove severe period pain without medication?
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 Pain in my back? Any ideas?
I woke up this morning with lower back pain but mainly my right hand side of my back. Its towards the centre and really hurts especially if i touch it or lean to my right. it feels like it goes half ...

 Stomach pain help!!!!!!!!!?
Hi, im 14 turning 15 (male)

well since last night ive had this pain that feels a bit like a stitch ( like the pain you get when u run to much). i thought it was nothing and slept on it, ...

Why would my knees hurt for no reason?
My knees are sore all the time. I can barely bend down without tons of pain. I have not done anything to make them hurt?? They have been like this for about two months?? What could it be?

Erin W
If you're growing, that could be an answer.

If it's bad enough, please see your doctor. He or she will help you out more than anyone on here could.

You don't provide enough information. If you are young it could be a sign of any number of things, especially if there have been no significant changes in your lifestyle. You may have injured them while doing something several months ago and they have not been able to heal properly. Your knees might be out of alignment ... it is difficult to say. Most older people are affected by arthritis and notice it in their knees sooner or later... whatever the cause and because of the pain described and the time factor involved .... its time to see a doctor.

growing pain. is all i can think of.

pk b
Please do not consider it for no reason. Perhaps nothing happens without any reason. In this case the pain in your knees could be due to artheritis or increase of bone(s) or may be your body weight is responsible.So please dont neglect the problem and consult your doctor at the earliest.

Good luck,

Vince M
They wouldn't hurt for no reason. If they hurt, there is a reason.

Sounds like arthritis. If it's been bothering you for 2 months, you should see a doctor. Joints have a nasty way of being "Revengeful and unforgiving",as far as past injuries go.
The pain may go away,but the damage,if not allowed to heal completely,will accumulate.

it may be arthritus. although much more common in people 45+, it can set in at any time. sometimes it can be the result of having a bad infection or disease, or if you've lead a physically grueling life, a past injury, also it could just be hereditary. there are a lot of factors that can bring it on early. you should definitely see a doctor especially if it does not abate in the next month.

looney toon
growing pains ... maybe

scott S
No part of your body hurts for" no reason". If anyone tells you its growing pains they are full of stupid. GROWING DOESN'T HURT!
You didn't mention your life style but you may have injured them some how,though its unlikely you would have injured both knees without knowing about it at the time.
Arthritis or Bursitis would be most common.
Even if your very young you could have juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Water on the knee type syndrome if you are overweight and have had water retention in your legs.
Then there are other more rare syndromes like RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) caused from older injuries that have caused nerve damage even many years after the injury.
If you were a little more specific about yourself it would help.

Most likely it is arthritis
I have it bad in my left knee so bad I am not working at the time but i'll be back i always am, keep it real and I hope you feel better!!! try to smile today or laugh or both.

It could mean that you're overweight and all the extra weight is putting extra stress on one of your most important joints.

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