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Why won't my doctor prescribe more oxycodone for legitimate pain?
I broke my tailbone during labor and am in constant pain. I take at the most 2/day and now have run out. The pain can be unbearable. I don't know what to do

linda bug
It is probably because that it can be very addictive! It sounds like you have had a terrible time and i am sorry ,but if i was you i would ask my doctor to presribe something else because you need something to relieve your pain and if he won't help you and you are in that much pain i would go to the hospital!! GOOD LUCK HONEY!!

Make an appointment with a pain specialist.

Patients have a right to adequate pain relief... you could remind him of this if you were comfortable with confronting your doctor. It is a patient right.

Otherwise see a pain doctor. They will help.

Your Dr. is afraid you will get addicted,you may already be. You need to try Advil or Tylenol or something else over the counter if your Dr didn't prescribe something else.Did your Dr. prescribe you taking 2 oxycodone tablets per day? What does he say now? Listen to your Dr.and/or get another opinion.That is what I would do.

My wife broke her coccyx when our son was born...and she hates to take pills. She was prescribed Percocet (oxycodone) for 7-10 days.

Her MD gave here a prescription for Tylenol w/ codeine for an additional 7 days but she never used them. Asked for an alternative to oxy and see if your doctor will oblige.

how long ago was the injury,if your child was born a month ago then i could see still being in pain,if the child was born years ago then he may think you have a problem with the meds and isn't going to feed into it...have you tried other types of pain relief

peachie resurrected
he probably doesn't want you to become addicted as there very addicting..he could of at least gave you something else;;.doctors don;t know how it is to be terrible pain ,when i broke my leg 'i got tylenol #3 codine.i feel asprin more than i felt those.....call your doctor and tell him to please give you something for the pain'as it;s hurting terrible.

Ask him for another kind. The drug is addictive and he/she doesn't want that on his/her hands.

Also, ICE helps

He may very well want to put you on a non-narcotic medication so as not to create another problem in your life - addiction to prescribed drugs. Oxycodone as you know is one of the streets most prized drugs and he may also fear that your selling your scripts. As well if you are a new mom (congrats) he probably wants you to be alert and non drowsy when caring for your new child.

meka g
If you take to many oxycodones the body will get prone to them then the medicine wont even work.
Your doctor wont prescribe you oxycodone because its stronger then a loratab (hydrocodone). He doesnt want you getting addicted because trust me you will. Have him prescribe you something else like a percocet or a motrin 900 or something. Something thats gonna make the body feel numb but wont be as addictive.

like everyone else says, it's very addictive..and oh so good..i know i'll get a few thumbs down for that one.

Your physician is probably afraid that you are going to become addicted to the drug. Oxycodone is really powerful stuff, and doctors have to be really careful about what they prescribe because they'll be held accountable for it later. There's always a chance that you are abusing the drug or even that you might be selling it. I know you probably think that sounds crazy, but people go to the doctor all the time to get prescription drugs so that they can sell them illegally and make a little extra cash.

I understand completely how you feel. I am allergic to all anti-inflammatory drugs and I have arthritis, tendonitis, and chronic swelling of the disks in my back. And I'm only 24 years old! I can't take anything for the inflammation and I've had a very hard time getting any physician to help me. They won't prescribe narcotic pain medications for long-term use, and anything non-nacotic doesn't even touch the pain. Considering that a broken tailbone is something that might take a while to heal or even possibly cause chronic pain, maybe you should ask your doctor to refer you to a pain management clinic. They will assess your needs and give you the medicine you need to help ease your pain ... but they will also do random drug tests to verify that only a reasonable level of the drug is in your system and that you are taking the medication, not selling it.

I understand what another person said about not wanting you to be so groggy that you can't care for your baby, but you can't do anything for your little one if you are in agonizing pain all the time. Talk to your doctor about this option. Good luck!

stella b
Because he has to report all written perscriptions to the FDA. And to make sure he doesn't get you hooked.

Concerns about addiction would be the first notion to pop into my head. Oxycondone is nothing more than a synthetic version of heroin. It, and all opiates, are completely incapable of doing anything for what causes pain; they only have the capacity to get one too high to care. Real pain relief comes in the form of anti-inflammatory medications and the reduction of inflammation that comes with healing over time.

there are many reasons:

Practice style
Legal concerns
Ethical concerns
Lack of adequate indication/appropriateness
you "scare" him?
Some prior bad experience...

All of the above and more.

ALL prescribing is a give and take. there are few hard and fast rules.

House Mouse
It is highly addictive, instead of it he could prescribe something else.

I would ask him for alternatives. The problem with oxycodone is that it is very addictive and what may be one refill now could turn into a problem. I have seen it happen very quickly.
I would ask him for something that is stronger than extra doses of Motrin, but not as habit-forming as Oxycodone.

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