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Why is it that I get heartburn when I haven't even eaten anything?

Avalon von Aldaran
your doctor will have the right answer for you!

Stomach acids.Can be brought on by stress.A simple pepcid A/C does the trick for me.You may find that once you take 1,you may not have a re-occurrance for a long time.If conditions persist,talk to your GI specialist.You may need something stronger or have a different condition,Good Luck.

Je Ne Sais Pas
i get heartburn all the time, no matter what. especially when im playing soccer. its probably from the acids, but im not sure. sorry.

It could be acid reflux or it could be your gallbladder. You should talk to you family doctor about it to make sure it is nothing serious. Good luck.

Tracy B
Because the acids are building up in your stomach and going up into your esophogas. I get it too

Because the fact that you have nothing in your tummy, so the acid comes up..I got that alot when I was dieting.

It might be because of bile in your stomach. I could ask my science teacher that question

Heartburn I have learned the hard way is when you don't have enough acid in your stomach so eat something. antacids don't get rid of acids they stimulate your body to make acid. EAT!!

Nicole W
Because the acid in your stomach is still forming in anticipation of food arriving. Since you don't eat, the stomach churns, pushing acid out and now you have heart burn.

Ken F
Haven't eaten anything as in 'fasting' (haven't eaten all day)? If yes, you are experiencing ketosis..fat is being converted to fatty acids within your own body
If no, it is possible for acid reflux to occur hours after a meal, depending on what you ate last.

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