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Why does your feet hurt when you stand on them all day?

i dunno??? 2pts yay!!!

yes they do

Scott W
You just need a really good foot rub.

Because of not being use to standing on your feet. It will go away when you get use to standing on feet.

au contraire

We used to get this a lot in machine shop when standing on a cement floor. We got a black rubber mat to stand on but it didn't help. An old timer said stand on 3/4" plywood, so we tried that and it relieved the problem.

Why? here are two hints

The black rubber mat was black because carbon was used in it and it was electrically conductive (like auto tires)

A fully charged car battery will lose its charge if set on concrete floor, not so if u put it on a piece of plywood.

Don't take this too serious it is just a theory.....but fun to think about, right?

Because you've been putting all your weight on top of them all they. Just as it would happen if you carried a heavy bag on top of your bag all day, your feet get tired, and their muscles hurt.

Your ankle bones are'nt made for that type of punishment unless you train and eat a lot of calcium. Your bones are very porous (filled with holes). Training and/or calcium makes them more solid so they won't hurt.

Jessica H
Because you have (enter weight here) pounds of weight on it.

DC xoxo
there is alot of pressure on them, to reduce the pain, get a foot massage or get orthodics for your feet!

Gravity puts pressure on them from the mass of your body.

It could be because you need better shoes. I had a job where I was on my feet the whole day and I was wearing really cheap shoes so my feet just killed me. I invested in a better pair of shoes and my feet stopped hurting. I was totally amazed at the difference.

Because gravity is pulling all of your weight down on your feet and they are not in shoes that are cushioned and designed for the stress and if your on floors that are not padded and carpeted it makes your feet take on added pressures.

Elizabeth E
It is simple. Anything that you put continuous weight and strain on is going to be uncomfortable.

because they are holding the rest of your body, and if you get a backache, you feel it in your feet, cuz that's where the nerve goes, and just generally, you have been on your feet too long, take a foot bath with Epsom salts when u get home from work and see if this helps.

It is caused by a combination of pressure and how much you weigh. Alot of times wearing comfortable shoes and maintaining a healthy weight helps.

A small part of your body, your feet, are balancing and supporting all of your body weight when you stand. When you are on your feet all day you also have a large amount of blood running down to them because they are the closet part of you to the ground. Gravity pulls the blood down to your feet. That constant pressure irritates various parts of your feet and they begin to throb. When you stand your heart has to pump harder to make the blood run all the way from the bottom of your feet, against gravity, back up to your heart. All of that strain damages your feet. The throbing is an intentional signal that your feet are being damaged and you should give them special attention/rest. That's why when your feet hurt elevating them as you lay flat makes them feel better - they are not swollen with blood. When they are irritated from over use they swell and having a bunch of blood fit into a tightened area hurts a lot. sit down, lay down, elevate.

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