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Why does your arm hurt when you get blood drawn?
I had blood taken today from my arm and now it hurts heaps!! Apparently it does hurt, so it's normal but I just want to know why it hurts so much.

Dr. Acula
It is possible that the needle used to take blood hit a nerve in your arm, this is a minor problem though and the pain will go away with time.

Gernot S
If the nurse is slightly clumsy, you can get bruising.

When I give blood the nurses just told me it's because the vein in your arm had been used extensively to draw out the blood. Give it a few hours - probably sleep for the night - and tomorrow it will be fine. You may even get a small bruise but it's normal - no big deal. However, if you feel faint or dizzy get help!!!!

Ellen B
yes it hurts

sharp things that dont belong there, sticking in your arm hurt

maybe because you got a needle stabed in there, just a guess.

It's probably bruising, and it's normal to hurt for a couple of days. If it hurts badly or for a long time, I'd say check with your doctor.

Now im no expert so this is just an assumption..but maybe its similar to a bruise. In a bruise, your blood vessels burst and bloods seeps into nearby tissue. When u have blood drawn, u have to penetrate the blood vessel in order to draw blood out. The blood eventually starts to seep out of the hole that was made by the needle, and a bruising-like situation occurs.

Anyway..ive had 2 blood tests and have fainted both times since i cannot stand even the THOUGHT of blood. So thats me done with this question!

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