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Why does one get a charlie horse in the leg and what can you do about it??

What's a charlie horse?

I have been told a Charlie horse is due to not enough water?
Mr. has these and he takes aspirin and drinks lots of water.

try a tablespoon of yellow mustard

I usually get them from stretching. When you get one in your foot, just step down on your foot applying pressure and you will fill it ease off.

A Charlie horse is caused by over stretching your muscles in your leg. When that happens, you might want to move your leg in a comfortable position, & stay that way for at least a minute or two. Move your leg afterwards, & if moving didn't hurt, your ok. If it did hurt, just continue to lie there until you think you'll be ok.

benjamin b
this is usually due to a potassium deficiency try a mutivitamin or eat more bannanas

I don't know why, but I heard a folk remedy: sleep with a bar of soap (unwrapped) between the sheets....and I don't know why that would work, but apparently it does!

I was told they are caused by lack of potassium. I took calcium and ate bannas, they can really hurt

a charlie horse is basically a muscle cramp. keep yourself hydrated, stretching, and eating potassium containing foods can help (like bananas). if they occur at night a bar of soap might help, i believe that is because the bar of soap gives stimulation to the leg and your leg doesn't fall asleep

It's a combination of not enough potassium and not enough water. You can prevent them by eating more bananas and of course drinking plenty of water.

As for when you actually get one, you just have to stretch it. Stand up with your heal on the floor and your toes pointing up. Whatever you do, do not stand on your toes because that will make it even worse. Also, refrain from wearing high healed shoes the day you get a charlie horse because your leg will be sore enough as it is.

And that's interesting about the bar of soap, don't understand how it works, but I may have to try that.

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