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 What is causing this horrible headache that makes me want to throw up and cry!?!???
I feel like throwing up.Nothing helps.I've tried everything!I feel sick.My head is pounding like someone is continually hitting me in the head.
Additional Details
I have thrown up ...

 I am not crazy!!!!!!?
I have been to 3 different doctors and they don't listen to me. I know I am not crazy. For about a year now, I have had pains in my neck, back, knees, feet, chest and pelvis. I have had ...

 What kinds of things can cause stomach pain?
My stomach has been hurting on the left side for about four days. I can't eat much and it hurts whether I eat or don't.
Additional Details
note to unstoppable - valid answer. ...

Are there any sufferers out there? What do you take for them and what triggers them?...

 Do flip flops damage ur knees if u wear them all the time?
i always wear flip flops, but for a while my knees hurt really bad if i run or jump or do anything like that. my friends say its cuz of the flat flip flops. what do u think?...

 I have a bad toothache that broke off 4 years ago it in the back yesterday it stated to hurt?
I don't have money to go to the dentist anyone know of any home remdy to ...

 What is the cause of trapped wind???

 What foods prevent heartburn ?

 I have a cyst in the middle of my hand. Doc says i might need a cortisone shot. Will that hurt?

 Lump on my neck?
ihave a lump on the side of my neck,left side , im really geting concrned now, been to the gp and he and she (ive had both opinions) say it is nothing to worry about. it is paining me now , what am ...

 I have a bad back, what can i do to make it feel better? Its my upper and lower back..?

 My back went out......I'm stuck flat on my back..what do I do..?
My back tends to go out and when it does I have this very strong pain in my lower left hand side of my back next to the spine almost where the discs are located and I can't move my legs without ...

 HOME treatments for sore SWOLLEN throat..asap please?
I have what I think is a normal cold, but then I started to get a sore throat that is keeping me from sleeping. I can't hardly swallow. the pain is up under my jaw, just one side of my throat....

 My head is pounding from the airplane, what could it be?
I came from Tampa to home today and right before we were landing, my head went CRAZY as it became instantly sore, where I couldn't even touch it as my fingers felt like needles to my head, and ...

 What could this symptom mean?
I get chest pain on the side near the heart maybe a little lower
the chest pain happens and random times and only last for a little bit, it feels like ...

 How do I make my knuckles harder?

 How do you relax?

 What happens if you have too many pain killer tablets? Apart from the obvious O.D?

 I have something wrong with my wrist... could it be carpal tunnel?
for a couple months my left wrist has been hurting me off and on, and it was usually just if i put a lot of pressure on it. but for the past couple days it has been constantly hurting and almost any ...

 I dont know?
i went to the doctors this morning & they took a blood sample from my arm,but my arm hurt it like sore is that normal?...

Why does my tongue feels like it's burnt or has been cut?
It's really irritating and hurts when I move it around. Does any one knows how to get rid of it or reduce it?
Additional Details
maybe it's all the hot tea I've been drinking and biting my tongue when I'm sleeping.

try some ice cream ?

an old wifes tale would say you lied about something

sometimes that happens to me when I eat to many sunflower seeds, maybe its the salt

maybe cause you burned it or cut it :] lmfao.

You have herpes.

Gem!n! :]
call the doctor

chaitra s
Take vit c & b complex tabs for a week

yes, you have a problem.
swish with milk a couple of times a day til it stops

Maybe you do have a slight cut. Just be carefuly when you brush your teeth.

Mr Corky
did you burn it or cut it?

If you have had any dental work recently that sometimes causes my tongue to swell like that. ALSO if are or were on a series of antibiotics recently for some reason,you could have "THRUSH" babies get it sometimes from nursing. The good news is the Dr, can call in sometime called 'NYASTATIN" {not sure of spelling} but it can be in a lozenge, or liquid called "SWISH AND SWALLOW" If it is the thrush after the next day you will feel it working overnight. Until you figure it out, rinse with warm salt water and gargle with it also. I have had this many times. It is a form of a yeast infection if I recall. I do hope this will help you. I wish you a speedy recovery. I know how bad it can hurt....GOOD LUCK

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