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Chris P
Why does my lower back hurt so much??
I have had a pain in my lower back now for 8+ weeks. The pain is only really when im sat down on a chair or driving in the car etc.
I can sometimes feel the pain moving towards my hips aswell.
When im upright walking around i dont really feel anything but when I try n bend over or especially sitting down it is agony. Like a very painful aching right in the lower area of my back n round towards my hip.

Went to the doctor an all she said was to take ibropurofen and if its still the same in afew weeks then she can get me physio...but she didnt say what was up with me and that was 6weeks ago now!

I cant remember doing anything that would cause the pain to come on so what can it be?? Trapped nerve? Muscular problem? Fracture?? I have no idea what is wrong with it. All i know is its agony even sat here typing this and its not going away!

dont know thats how my moms chronic back pain strated from what i heard. hopefully its nothing u can check at ur docters but they cant find any causes early in stage

The problem could be a number of different situations. It could be muscular, pinched nerve, or a disc pressing. Go see a chiropractor for a couple of visits and see if that offers you some relief. I suspect they should help you some and also help you to determine what could be the cause. Try lying on the floor, carpeted if possible, on your back to help straighten out your spine and see if you get any relief doing that a couple of times a day for 15 minutes each session. It may help some. Back exercises will help you. Get a list of exercises or have your doctor show you a few things to do. Physical therapy will help too with a referral from your primary doctor. I've experienced all these suggestions over the years from my back issues. I hope this info helps you.

I once had something similar and a physio friend told me to cut sugar out of my diet as much as I could and see what happens.

He said it's something to do with an emergency energy store that the body keeps near to that area of the back - gets overloaded or something.

Within a week I was better.

Sometimes I have a reoccurrence - and I do the same thing, and it hasn't failed me yet.

Good luck

Go back to the doctor and have an ex-ray. It could be anything at this point.
But if you have been recently going for long walks I would say it may be a trapped nerve in the sciatic area. To pull this out you would have to stretch your thigh muscle. This is done by standing near a chair. Bend your leg and rest the lower half of it on the chair, now flex your pelvis out gently. You will feel a pulling in your upper thigh. By lengthening this muscle it will stop the pinching in your butt lower back area.
I hope this helps you.

it could be a number of things go and see your doctor he will refer you to see a specialist

Coukld be ur kidneys you should see a dr

I believe your problem could be due to poor sitting posture that put too much pressure on your spline. That is why you only feel pain when you are sitting down. Your lower back muscle have degenerated due to lack of exercise and sitting for long hours.

You need to adjust your sitting posture and use pillow support on your seat. You must also do more exercise to strengthen your lower back muscle. Exercise like leg raise.

Richard C
I have read and reread this question a few times. I don't think it is a disc problem for the following reasons. One, disc problems will usually have nerve pain radiating down the leg and you have not expressed that. Two, disc problems are usually not painful bending over but painful upon attempting to get back up. Now this is not to say that a disc pathology is not there as discs by nature are more painful in sitting. Standing places the pressure on the hips not the back. So what this makes me think is a pulled muscle or a fascet joint that is not sitting correctly. Return to your doctor and ask for a referral to a physical therapist. If your state has direct access see a therapist directly. They will do an evaluation and start you on a program of exercises designed to improve posture and core strength, restore normal muscular balances, and give you a program to follow for the rest of your life. In the meantime try these movements to see if they are of any help. Lie on your back on the floor with your legs out straight. Pull the front of your feet up towards the knees. You will feel a stretching in the calves. Do this five times. From this starting position bring one knee towards your chest. Bear hug it down and hold for a few seconds and slowly release. Don't allow the leg to go down but regrasp it and bearhug it four more times. Slowly bring the leg down and then reverse positions using the opposiste leg. Return to the starting position. Bring one leg up so that the foot is flat on the floor with the knee and hip bent. With the opposite leg being held in a straight position raise it up from the hip. Take it up as far as possible without causing pain. Do this for a total of five times. Reverse positions using the opposite leg. This should help stretch out the back. In a standing position bend from the hips and keeping the back straight lean foreward until you feel the back of your legs being stretched. This will help to keep the back and legs loose. For pain modulation use ice for fifteen to twenty minutes out of an hour. This will numb the pain and allow you more functioning. The sooner that you are seen by a therapist the quicker this will heal.

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