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javier m
Why does my head hurt bad i took tylenol and its still going on why?

it could be stress it could be you need glasses. there are so many things it could be best thing to have eyes checked and if its not that. well could be people maybe at school?

Be happy or live miserable.
Take Motrin after 6 hours. Then take Tyenol 8 hours later.

william b
it's because tylenol isnt' that powerful. take 3 advil and take load off.it'll be gone in no time

you shouldn't take tylenol when you have a bad headache - you should take an anti-inflammatory such as naproxen or ibuprofen.

it's a migraine if it is on one side of the head.

Richard H
maybe its a tumor

there's all sorts of headaches that won't go away with just tylenol, like tension headaches, and migraines. try having someone rub your neck and back of your head for you, or do it yourself, and get some excedrin migraine. sometimes tylenol just isn't enough.

Anson W
You may also be dehydrated. Also caffine w/drawal causes headaches for me

You might have a migraine. Try taking 400-600 mg of ibuprofen or two naproxen and see if that helps. If it doesn't you may want to go to urgent care to get relief as well as a diagnosis.

Surprising but true, but in many cases painkillers like Tyenol can actually cause headaches. These are called "rebound headaches".

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