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Why does my body ache when I wake up in the morning?
I don't workout but I think my box spring under my mattress is no good

because ur body hasn't moved around for about 8 hours and the muscles in ur legs loosen up so when u wake they are forced to tighten suddenly and this causes aching.

You know what my body aches as well when I wake up in the morning. It turns out that doing some walking actually helps.

just the way it is
error proof test

it could be that reason or maybe it's because of your sleeping position, i know, hard to change especially if u are comfortable,it may seem comfortable when u sleep but when u wake up the sleeping position that u have probably gives u a problem

Possibly it is your mattress, or possibly you have arthritis.

could be rhumatoid arthritis.

because as your lie on you mattress it creates certain pressure points where it meets the body. these are places that support most of the body's weight (joints for instance).
these places of pressure can cause pain, especially those with arthritis). also if the mattress is not firm it does not properly support the back bone and can cause back pain. Thus, you wake up with aches and pains. when we get up and move around, these pressure points are no longer bearing the weight and the muscles are flexed. Thus, you'll begin to feel better. The NASA foam/memory foam or water beds can prevent this pain.

you just answered your own question....it's your bed. get a new one and i bet you'll feel awesome in the morning.

that's probably it!!! a bad mattress is Bad!!! a fan or AC makes me ache

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