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99% Fat Free
Why do my legs ache when I wake up in the morning?

Additional Details
Thanks for your answers so far - very useful.
To clarify some points:
Yes the ache is in my lower legs
I have 2 young kids so probably don't get enough sleep.
I get quite hot in bed, sometimes like to stick my legs out of the covers for a bit to get cool
I eat a fairly good diet, lots of fruit & veg but have started exercising more recently (so that's probably it!)

Someone said I have a less than ideal lifestyle - what is an 'ideal' lifestyle? That would be interesting to know :)

No, I don't think it's RLS but thanks for the suggestion. I read the wiki description but that doesn't sound like it.

Don't look at my avatar.
Like, your calves - from the knee down? I get that too, and the pain is excruciating. My mum told me that its because i need to be warmer :S

If you have an electric blanket, perhaps have it at a higher temperature...

Apart from muscle strain, the most obvious reason, with no real clinical connotations, is that you have had insufficient rest or have a a less than ideal lifestyle.

catherine c
My legs ache used to ache every morning, I have restless legs syndrome. I also have periodic limb movement which means that your legs jump all the time during the night. There is medication that can help you, go to your doctor.

it is called "cramps"

wrong position during sleeping...
eating foods high in uric acid...

Could be a number of things. Go to the doctor.

Could it be restless leg syndrome?


either ur leg has been recieving too much cold air during the night or u exercise too hard the day b4.

The man with no name
I used to have a similar problem and it was down to a poor diet. Eat better and more and you should notice a massive improvement!

stephanie r
My legs used to hurt too like that and i remember my co worker
said that i needed more potassium. take some vitamins or eat bananas.i don't know if its a known fact as a treatment for leg aches but thats what was told to me.

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