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niky b
Why do my calf muscles hurt so much???
i walk my little girl to school every day, and when i get back home it feels like my calf muscles are going to pop out of my legs its agony they are so tight, plz can some one offer me an explanation as to why this happens.thanks

i can def help!

look up compartments syndrome online. my husband has had this for 5 years with repeated surgery. he used to be a rugby player and is in the army, but due to this medical problem he has had to give up sport, and is in agony if he walks too far or tries to run!

on most people an op will cure it completely,...my husbands just awkward!!

Beatrice M
it's either you wear high heels often or you are always in your flats. as they say, too much of everything is bad. try to vary your choice of footwear from the ones with heels, the flat ones, walking shoes, slippers, etc. hope this helps.

Just muscles working.

Geoff C
you could be low on patasium (spelled wrong) you could aslo think about doing a quick stretch before you do the walk.

You are most likley missing something from your diet that is causing the muscles to hurt this way. Might want to go to the doctor and have him draw blood to see if you are lacking anything but try the stretches 1st

Or dehydration fatigues muscles

mac tonight
you probably need to drink more water and less caffeine
If that doesn't work trying to stretching them out before and after your walk

yes, you need to strech out before your walk, your getting cramps... also eat a banana before you go on your walk it will help to keep your legs from cramping....

¸.•*¨)Sweet Sinner¸.•*¨)
When that happens to me it's usually beacuse I'm wearing flat shoes. Makes my legs ache for days of I do too much walking in them.

Dee Cee
As with any physical problem you really should not take the advice from these sites. No proper diagnosis can be made without a physical check by the doctor. If they are that bad then maybe you need to make an appointment. There are numerous reasons, ill fitting shoes, being unused to exercise etc. I feel you 1, should not worry 2. either make an appt. or mention it next time you ar aat the doctors.

I would go with the first two answers, drink more water and wear differing height shoes once in a while.
Why, to make sure you are not retaining water which can happen for a number of reasons, but bad circulation is one and that ties in with the shoe height thing as different heels will contract your calves at different rates and help pump the lymph and blood back up the legs. Avoid sitting down or standing for long times and if you have a chance lie with your back on the floor and your legs on the couch for five mins or so to let the blood drain back.

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