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Why do i get cramps in my calves everytime i stretch my legs before i get up?
these are quite painful All my blood tests are normal.

Tommy Snipes™
Just make sure you drink plenty of water in the day or at least drink some before you go to sleep. Don't stress yourself out with exercising too much as this could cause you to overstetch and potentially hurt your muscles.

I used to get them as well, very painful indeed but if you make sure you eat the right amount of healthy foods per day and drink a good volume of water, it should aid this situation. When lying in bed, if your legs are positioned in a strange way, try to change that. Lastly, try and stretch when you get out of bed. I've found out that works well.

Good luck!

Tom G
I get them when i stretched while lying in bed, I think it is the odd way that our legs are positioned when we lie down

Stretch them after you get out of bed - that works - I don't get them any more

Robin frisky
Getting old, heuh? Terrible, but inevitable. But, seriously, try to get up a little bit earlier, so you'll find time to have some light stretching after you crawled to your first wake-up tea (or coffee). Also, it is very individual and family dependent. I got cramps in my feet when about 35 y.o. (and others have severe back muscle pain). I even needed an operation for that foot. But always remember: practice makes perfect. Take baby steps in caring again more for your body. That's where hatha yoga is so damn right: never, never strain your body over your pain limit, but still stretch it. Don't do nothing.

i get that and its bloody murder !!
i usually get it if i am tired and not had much sleep lately. although some say its lack of salt?
anyway i know how you feel i hope i dont get it again .

Lucie K
Drink tonic water for the quinine and also maybe get more calcium in your diet. Also practise stretching exercises where stretch your calf muscles (toes turned up towards front of leg) and when you feel a cramp coming on, get your self standing asap and get your calf stretched into this position; it really helps

Robin B Ω
That used to happen to me every day.It got to the point where I awoke knowing not to stretch...that was my first thought waking up.Try eating a banana every day.I read that it was low potassium that causes it.
I still don't stretch until I stand up... I'm afraid,and yes,they are painful.

I`m almost sure this has to do with blood circulation (which may be due to blood flow slowing and going sluggish while you sleep).
I used to get this too so can sympathise with you - but since I had stents put in my arteries - I haven`t had it since (of course, it could return anytime I suppose). This is why I think it is due to blood flow (stents allow the blood to flow better).
Have you any varicose veins, these also are allied I think.
Your arteries may be becoming blocked with cholesterol, or the plaque resulting from it.

Helen S
I think it has something to do with bad blood circulation...

Mike Webb
I used to get this all the time. But now i have stopped alot.

Firstly it was because of my age that it kept creeping up, i was 16 so last year and every time i stood up i would cramp.

This was because i was mega overtired and also had a previous injury whilst playing cricket.

If you have had a injury in a tendon etc then this could be it just still hasnt healed yet.

Try getting more massages in your legs if you can and have a healthy diet because some fatty foods can become a problem.

Also i know may sound stupid but me walking more just made my legs stronger after all the cramps i used to get.

Also baths with Radox in it will sooth muscles and relieve you.

I remember the feeling when you keep getting cramps recouring and your leg is constantly aching and stiff.

Good luck x

try drinking more water. I promise you'll notice a difference.

I cant understand why people dont drink the stuff.

If you have a plant and you dont water it, it wilts, eventually dies.
we are much the same as plants, we NEED water to function properly.

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