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Why do I get leg cramps, whenever I am in a room with air conditioning?

Brooke W
Well Idk

Bren J
How do i know... ask a doctor

Eizer O
Have you checked with a doctor?

Well I dont know why but dont use the air conditioner if its not neccesary.

Could it be the room with the air conditioning you sit in for long periods of time which make your muscles stiff and the combination with the cold causes the intense pain?

its tooo cold for you

It's because of the radiations. I get headaches because of the air conditioning. But this is the reason for aches and cramps: the conditioning...we think it's just a modern machinery, but beyond that, radiations and bad air do the trick.

Lauren C
if this has continously happend you should tell your doctor it might be the air pressue that air conditioners normally give off, your bones in your legs might not be able to handle the pressure

Because perhaps your temperature is changing too suddenly. Cool air directly blowing on you can give you leg cramps.

Coz of Lck of Magnesium Phosphate

Aldo s
megnesium!!! i suggest you...

Sometimes change in temperature will cause your bones to hurt or tighten up and cramp. It's like when you hear about old people when they say that they can tell when the weather is changing by the way their bones feel. It happens to all of us though.

John Dubya McCain
Cold air blowing on your legs can make them crap. You can try tablets with calcium/magnesium/ and zinc. It's king of the cure for leg cramps.

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