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Why am I so tired the next day after a migraine? Is it the migraine that is making me tired?

No, your body is wore out from all the pain you endured from the headache.

Joe S
You should see a doctor. My wife had bad headaches and fatigue, she didn't do anything about it and had a cerebral aneurysm. She almost died. They had to fly her all the way to Houston and rush her into surgery. They put a titanium sleeve around the vein in her brain. I get so worried now when she has headaches.

Eee Gee
When I get a migraine, even though i try to relax, my body tenses up and tries to take the pain. But after all the stress from the pain and nausea and throwing up, i feel super tired.
So, now what i do is at the first sign of a migraine, I take a nap. Usually my first sign is a black smudge in my vision.
If i'm at work, I take an early lunch and go to my car and nap for an hour. If i'm at home, it's even better.

Possibly. You are not alone. Migraines wear me out.

It may be something to do with having to tolerate the pain for extended periods of time. Not only painful, but stressful too.

Jacob's Mommy
Possibly- if the migraine caused you to stress over the fact that you had one, or that you couldn't help but be in pain it could cause you to be tired the next day.

Or- if you took medication for it, it could be a side-effect you are experiencing!

Heaven Lee
Migraines really take a lot out of me too.

your migraine is part and partial connected to your brain it releases signals to your brain to be tired and weary which is why you feel tired.. also it maybe be so bcuz you've done a lot at work... stress... which is also so tiring...

Sister Hobo
It's possible.

That is call a postdrome. Migraine typically has 4 stages. The prodrome, aura (not everyone has it) , pain (migraine) and the postdrome.

Most of the migrainuers will feel very lousy and tired at the postdrome stage because the migraine has worn us out completely.

However, if we take metoclopramide during the prodrome stage, we can actually avoid or minimise the postdrome effect.

So how do we recognise the prodrome? Do you have a particular food craving or mood swings? Yawning, fatigue, excessive sleeping are also some symptoms. Some people have diarrhea or constipation as well...

If you take steps to catch the prodrome phase, you might feel better in the postdrome phase.

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