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I'm 19 and a smoker if that matters(i know, dont smoke, tisk tisk)...

Why am I keep getting cold sore RIGHT after the first one cured?
I just got healed from a week's flu 2 weeks ago.

you have STDs in your brain!

Cold sores are caused by a virus. Kill the virus and no more cold sore. Simple innit!

hepatitis ilk!

Alot of the reason you would get one is from stress, foods with lots of acid (tomatos, grapefruits) or extreme cold or hot. I would suggest taking a supplement called Lysine. You can get it from Walmart for like 3 bucks with the vitamins. Take like 2-3 a day, make sure on an empty stomach! But that will make your cold sores go away in a matter of 3 or 4 days. I live by it when ever I get one.

Go to the drug store and by some L-Lysine. Its a vitamin supplement. It will boost your immune system. Do you take any vitamins? Americans diets generally are crappy and we need to take vitamins .

,good luck, my daughter has suffered from this for year [herpes] she got this as a child ? ask your doctor for something, it will lessen the frequency of your break outs.

I'd talk to your doctor-maybe a naturopathic one too. They will help you regulate an intake of supplements like L-lysine that will help boost your immune system. I think a temporarily weakened immune system is contributing to the frequency of your outbreak. FYI : cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/ill_injure/aches/cold_sores.html

Joanne A. W
Have it checked out, sounds like a virus that causes sores.

Get a flu shot next year, they REALLY do work. You need a pneumonia shot every five years. They really do work too. :o)

I hope you are feeling much better.

that always happens to me i think a few pop up and then you are done or we both have problems lol

b r
Your immune system is down.

Don't worry.

its probly your chapstick or something get a new one and dont pick at it

Well the reason Think that you are getting cold sores is because of what your eating. Because my best friend got a cold sore and it was because she ate to much peanuts

Go to the Health Food store, and get some Lysine tablets, it also comes in a cream. Use the tablets according to directions.
Then get corn in your diet, every day. Corn on the cob,Creamed corn in the can Popcorn. That should do it. Take some of the answers with "a grain of salt" You know they are funny

Well its stress dear. Try to relax take vitamin C and something for immune system its weak. U can also try burts bee products they are great and all natural.

nadia n
To get rid of this, place an ice-cube on affected area for as long as is comfortable.
The (herpes-symplex) virus which causes cold-sore lives in the nerves, and will retreat until a later time when you are
again feeling stressed and run-down.

Get Well Soon X

you have a depressed immune system.

Dorene M
Cold sores occure from places where it is windy. If you stay in a place where it's always windy the best thing for you is to keep putting medicated chap stick on. And another thing don't touch or irritate your sore. When you keep touching it, it'll only get worse.

They spread easy. I get them when I am in the sun or run down. Now I get prescription medicine for them. So it makes them not spread and they go away faster.

So it may be you are still run down.

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