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Which is better, cold or hot compresses to treat pain of arthritis in neck?

Definitely hot.
Cold is for bruises and pain.

The best hot compress for the neck is a "wheat bag" put in the microwave for about five minutes.
They are great because they fold around you.

I would go with hot. It helps loosen up the stiffness and it also sooths the pain!

Personal experience I'm 22 with really bad rheumatoid arthritis!

I do care!
We get asked this question often.

Heat is best as it get's the cirrculation going a bit more in that area.

But cool can help ease the pain of swollen joints by reducing them.

Really it is an individual prefrence.

If you find heat works better. Do that. Cold. Do that.

heat is better... I have arthritis in my neck and cold tends to make it feel worse, the heat sooths its. As a matter of fact I have heat on my neck right now! It feels great! I get bad headaches with mine and the heat helps that too!

use heat

hot, do not use cold

sandra k
hot will loosen it up and really get the blood flowing...

Miss Pastry
You can get these lavender heat sacks which are like long bean bags, you put them in the microwave for 3 mins and they last ages. I use them and put them round my neck and they feel nice. I would suggest it with your condition

I use hot it
it also relaxes me so I'm not as tense in my neck ......... which when your tense in your neck it spreads down back, shoulders and up into head

just my experience

The rule of thumb is that for acute, recent injuries such as sprains etc you apply cold to the injury. With old injuries or pain such as arthritis, you use heat. However, it is not guaranteed to work as different people find relief from different remedies.

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