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 What can I do to help relieve the pain of my mothers sciatica in her leg without the use of pain killers.?
Does anybody please know of anything safe I can do to help relieve my mothers pain from sciatica down her right leg without the use of painkillers.
Thank you....

 Why does it always hurt? =( ... 10 points...?
Like almost every week my head hurts... and when it doesnt hurt than it will hurt REALLY bad. Like last week i had a headach for half the day so i went to sleep and the next day i STILL had a ...

 Lend A Hand ...?
Every day, my hands are under enormous pressure. I ride horses every day, I lift weights, I'm on the computer ... the list goes on. just recently, both of my wrists began to hurt, feeling like ...

 Hard time breathing, chest pain?
I went out for a walk tonight, part of the way through i decided to sprint for about a minute, after i stopped sprinting, i developed a sharp pain in my chest and my breathing was much more difficult ...

 What helps the pain of a earache? pain med or what?

 My toe suddenly becomes stiff and it bends and becomes very painful?
My toe occasionally becomes stiff and bends. Sometimes multiple toes at the same time. It hurts when I try to move my foot or toe.
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?...

 Does marijuana really cure and benefit migraine headache sufferers at all?

 Did the devil just come and visit me, or was i sleep, i 've been having pain down my left arm and numbnesshand
it was very paranormal----am i gonna have a heart attack 34 and stressed beyond belief it hurts now wtf just woke up pleases help i m tryin to stay ...

 Does anyone know of a good reliable OTC muscle relaxer?
I have a muscle spasm in my neck that goes all the way to my shoulder blade.
I am trying to avoid going to the doctor because I know all I need is a muscle relaxer.
Has anyone had success ...

 Imitrex...cause of worse headache??
has anybody experienced a worsened headache after taking imitrex or some other migraine medicine????????? why does this happen and what should i do???...

 Chest pain?
i have this bad pain under my chest on the left side(breastbone) its been there for like a hour it comes and goes. i think i pulled a muscle but i dunno. i am onli 15...

 My daughter has leg cramps so bad!!?
She wakes up in the middle of the night with musle cramps what can i do?? The doctor says it is growing pains and I can believe that but she cries all night. She is only 6. Any advise out there? I...

 My stomach hurts!!?
my stomach is hurting really bad, well not my stomach the top of my stomach. Please help it is hurting really bad right now!!!!!...

 For people with Migraines...?
I am desperate to find something that works. It seems like the longer I take my medication (imitrex) the less effective it becomes. What works for you?...

 I need some help with a scarey situation?
For a few weeks now towards the evening I begin to have pain that is all thru my body not like muscle pain but deep like to the bone pain the pain is severe and within a half hour or so i get a fever ...

 I have this pain on my right lower back and it shoots down to my right leg, what could it be?
Age: 24
Previous Activities: Irregular cardio excercise, I lift a big screen t.v. couple days ago.

I been experiencing this for about a week and it doesn't seem ...

 What causes nighttime heartburn?

 Ive been taking a narcotic pain reliever containing tylenol for about 6 months for cronic back pain?
and i'm wondering if the tylenol is really that much of a threat to my kidneys and liver.....

 Still getting cramps!?
I am 2 months pregnant, and i keep getting cramps. They are not severe but i get them everyday maybe 4 or 5 times a day. Is this dangerous? Should i be worried about it? Me and my boyfriend both ...

 What's the best position to sleep if you have a bad back?
i.e. legs bent,on right side, arms at sides, etc....

Whene someone is dying from a drug overdose do they feel any pain?
Iam doing a story and i would like to know wene people take pills and other forms of medicene to commit suicide do they feel pain while thier dieing or what

Double J - Jonni Jigolo

I did "die" from an accidental overdose; obviously I was brought back. I felt nothing, I knew I was overmedicated and was dizzy and able to tell my husband but no, there was no pain from the overdose. The drug was propoxyphene and Narcan, a substance which reverses a narcotic overdose, does not work on this drug. However, I don't recommend testing this answer of course. Everyone is different and every drug is different. Be careful, it sounds as if you are on a slippery slope for a topic. Good luck.

ann p
longleness,and emptyness,my brother died from a drug overdose,and from the look on his face yes in some form or another it could be menteal or phecial pain.hey i can't help but to fill like you are looking for more than a story. i realy hope that i am wrong.

Try it and let us know how it feels

Rich Z
If they take an overdose of sleeping pills they just fall permanently asleep.

If anything, I would thing you would get sick and your body would try to throw up the overdose to rid of the substance; that would be the extent of the pain.


David W
It depends on the exact pill, and how that pill effects the body. For instance if it were pain medication...... um no. Just depends.

It really depends on what type of pills they take and what combination are taking together. Sometimes they can feel a lot pain, but might not be able to communicate the pain they feel because they are in an altered state of mind. The pills can sometimes cause certain organs to bleed or rupture first and this is very very painful. Sometimes there is no pain, but again it depends on the combination of medication taken.

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