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 Im a vegetarian.....Iron?
im a vegetarian i think i might have restless leg syndrome.... becuase a lack of iron..... is iron JUST in meat? can i get iron from anything else? thanks ...

 Migraines does anyone get them?
i have had them since i was 8-9 but went away untill 20 and now 4-5 a week . i have tryied it all the only thing that worked was topamax but side effect were just as bad my job drug tested me 2x ...

 Why do I like to cut myself? Especially on the arm and now on leg?

towards the middle of my head it hurts insanely bad and it kind of feels like a bump but im not sure if it is. whats happening?...

 I have had constant head ache for three weeks.?
Its been nearly three weeks of a constant head ache. I obly get relief if i take tablets but as soon as the tablets ware off the head ache comes back. Its only on one side of my head and my eye runs ...

 My stomach hurts like hell?
my stomach hurts like hellm right now. i tryed puking but i just can't if i ley down it hurts more any one got any ...

 My little finger and ring finger left hand have gone numb and it is creeping up my arm.what is it?

 I woke up this morning and i had a terrible pain in my chest, it feels like someone is sitting on my chest.?
does anyone know what that is? is it indigestion perhaps?

another thing though, last night i went ice skating and got knocked over and i feel pretty hard onto my elbow then back. do you ...

 A lot of pain on my right chest side.?
im hving pain on my chest, on the right side, when i breathe, when i laugh, hiccups, and when i lie on my left side.

i really dont know what it is.

its now been a day and its ...

 Ouch! Help?!?
I have a really sharp pain in my left arm every time I move it. Like bending it or applying pressure or picking something up. It starts About 3 inches above the elbow n shoots down 3 inches below. W...

 What happens if I take 10 Tylenol PM gelcaps?

 My feet are so cold they hurt....?
I can be really hot but my feet remain extremely cold. I always use hot water bottles but my feet begin to hurt if i dont warm them up....

 What can cause constant numbness in my left little finger?

 What's the best method of pain relief for earache from an ear infection?
My ear hurts, help! Ibuprofen works a bit and I can't get to the doctor's until possibly Monday....

 Stupid but serious question?
The doctor prescribed naproxen for the pain I've been experiencing with my ankle because the advil wasn't helping and tearing my stomach up. The leaflet states that one of the signs of a ...

 Does mixing Oxycodone and Hydrocodone work?
Does mixing the two opioid compounds build twards a better buzz or do they take away from each other?...

 Neck pain from sleep?
I go to sleep and eventually my head bends in the left direction or back and when I wake up my neck starts to hurt for the day everytime I turn to that direction or if feels sore just with my head ...

 What's the best remedy for excessive gas (flatulence)?

 Whos had ther Tongue Pierced?
Hey all :-b
Iv wanted my tongue pierced for a while but I feel so chicken about it! I keep telling myself that as im a mummy,if I can go through child labour then I can do anything but the ...

 Has anyone been prescribed Gabapentin (Neurontin) 300mg for RSD?
I am a 28yr old female and I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists and tendenitis in my elbows.. I am a 911 operator so i do alot of typing , currently I am off of work due to this. ...

When i jump my stomach hurts why?
.STOMACH/LEFT CHEST even on trampoline it hurts?

you may have a cramp

Butter Popcorn
EVER WATCHED "ALIEN"?. made my point.

did u just eat? either that or ur fat.

are u fat??

Mia S
maybe, if you've just eaten, your food will like bounce up and down inside of you which probably can cause pain or, if its your chest you could have a chest problem, if you have trouble breathing aswell, it could be asthma or something, go to your GP or doctor if it carries on and they can tell you exactly what it is :)

fraggle rocks
when i went on my trampoline for the first time my back hurt but that was because i wasn't used to it, wait a week it might go away, if not SEE A DOCTOR!

Mr Bad Boy
Hernia? Not sure

ate too much lmao

General Genius
have you overeaten ?

General Leo
Dont eat anytime near when your going to go jumping. Dont drink A lot either, Except water.

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