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When and what is it safe to eat after throwing up?
I threw up about 5 times lastnight then later today threw up about 3. By now im pretty hungry cause i havent been able to keep anything down. i had some crackers this morning but threw those up. and ive been drinking water. my stomache still feels pretty weak so i was wondering whats safe to eat.

any help is greatly appreciated!

If you can keep the water down try some more saltines or soda crackers. The next step would be beef or chicken broth, plain toast dry, plain cooked white rice, jello. Stay away from spices, milk products and heavy meats for a few days. Sounds like you had the 24-hour flu? Ugh, I hope you feel better soon. I always land in the hospital for dehydration and this is the diet they put me on for a week after getting out.

I usually try the cracker thing too (soda crackers), but if you can't keep it down I'd keep with the water until you're ready to try the crackers again.

Don't try eating anything too fast. Try a bit, and let it sit for a while and see if you can keep it down. If it stays down, eat a bit more, and so on.

If you still haven't managed to eat anything for several days you should go see a doctor so you don't start starving yourself. You can last a bit longer without seeing someone if you're managing to keep the fluids down (water), but if you still haven't had anything with substance to it, you should go get it checked out.

you are throwing up a good amount so i would drink some FLAT sierra mist 7 up something like that....it might sounds gross and that but you need to get sugars back into your system so you wont get dehydrated....i would try sipping on that for awhile and if you can keep that down try to eat a lil bit of toast with a little bit of butter.....
get better soon : ]

eat bread

First of all let me say I am sorry to hear that you are sick.

Whenever I am sick and throwing up I try to keep my intake light. I like to sip a little on some chicken/beef bouillon broth. I also sip a little on Sprite/7UP. Once I get that to stay down w/o feeling like its going to come right back up I start to snack a little. Sometimes I do a slice of toast with a little bit of butter and other times I try some crackers. Also I like to nibble on some pudding or jello but not a whole lot. Just a few bites.

I hope what I do helps you. Everybody is different so what works for me might not necessarily work for you but hopefully at least you'll get some ideas.

I hope you get to feeling better. If not go to the doctor it could be more than just an upset stomach. The last time I threw up as much as you did I had the stomach flu and needed medicine.

randy m
my ma always said sip on water and don't eat something, just snack on it.

Hope u feel better.

Dry toast, crackers, tea (no milk, little sugar ok) clear soups (broths) & PLENTY of clear fluids.

~soon to be mommy~
try some dry toast or a little butter on toast. try 7up or chicken noodle soup also. jello would be good too. anything kinda bland, your stomach will like better after being upset.

My doctor always told me to sip on water, if you are keeping that down try popsicles, then try chicken soup, next saltine crackers and then white rice.

Good luck, I hope you feel better soon...

Chicken broth, saltine crackers, ice, jello-o, 7up & other things that are really light & easily digested. Rice pudding is what my mom makes for us when we are sick.
Hope you feel better soon.

If you're young and healthy, you can eat anything. When I was sick in my 20's or teens, I would just eat as my appetite dictated. Usually, I would "pig out" after throwing up, since I was starving from all the vomiting. But of course, I waited until I felt better. Your appetite is a good indicator of that. If your appetite isn't there yet, in full force, just much on something dry (toast or crackers), and make sure you're not dehydrated. Drink clear liquids, like chicken broth, flat 7-up, gatorade. Good luck!

dont eat or drink ANYTHING for 2 hours after vomititg. then start by sipping water...a sip every few mins. next u can try bananas, rice (plain white), applesauce, toast (this is the BRAT diet) avoid dairy products and acidy foods (soup) till u get a little bit better. hope u get feeling better!

Clear liquids, i.e., jello, tea, juice, broth.
Then the BRAT diet
Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.
Eat small amounts slowly to see if you can hold it down.
Call your doctor in the am. You need fluids and some anti-emetic medication.

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