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see a physio............


try a different position!!!!

Try Voltarol Gel. This stuff works great and you can now buy it over the counter at the chemist. Hope it feels better soon.

Bobbie S
Go to a chiropractor regularly and follow a good excercise program that he will provide.

I would recommend that you talk to your ob/gyn or regular family physician. There are some great stretching exercises to strengthen the back muscles. Truthfully, I found that being more careful about how I was dragging around the babies fixed my back (I tended to carry them on my left arm, which apparently threw my back out of whack).

In the meantime, try Aleve. It seems more effective than Advil, at least for me, anyway.

Lets see...There's the epidural! Or Darvaset, Soma, Vikadin, Perkiset, Demeral, or you could ask your significant other for a nice back massage after a warm bath along with a heating pad.

Darvocet N

Butterfly queen
I must say 1st that I have been through the mill HUNDREDS of times since I first broke my back long ago (compression burst fracture at L1). I've had 5 surgeries, each one made me worse!!!!! There are so MANY good AND different alternatives out there today, than at the time I had my last back surgery in 1993. All the people answering you have good advice; however, one critical element is missing in most all of the "answers". It is crucial (b4 you attempt ANY exercise or strengthening program) to go to a PAIN MANAGEMENT doctor, FIRST !!! WHY: You could end up injuring your back even MORE, if not advised by a doc. You need to have a thorough workup to determine EXACT cause of your pain. Also if you are not used to exercising, you could really end up injuring or making the problem you have now FAR WORSE. Pain docs have so many tricks up their sleeves, PLUS they all pretty much believe in back exercising and strengthening!! Most likely, they will send you for diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your pain to BETTER prescribe the best possible PROGAM to relieve YOUR pain. PROMISE it's far better to stay away from surgeons as much as possible, unless absolutely necessary!! BEST of LUCK!!!!!!

Find some exercises that will help strengthen your back.

In the meanwhile, use a heating pad and aspercream or something comparable.

Good luck!

zo & andy
go up the gym, build your muscles in your back professionally but slowly

you need to see an expert.

ive got the same problem my doc has prescibed me co-drydamol tablets there really good

Druggie 101
Hydrocodon, always worked for me.

wear a kidney belt for support and go get advice on what excercise is best to strenghten the muscles in your back

lay on the floor ,on the back ,legs bent ,and tighten tummy and use tummy muscles to force your back flat to the floor,this will strengthan the muscles around ur middle ,there for helping to support the spin,as i have terrible back trouble ,i actually lost the use of my legs for 3 weeks ,so i take this very seriously,allways bend your legs .,dont life heavy objects ,sleep on ur side with legs bent up towards u and a pillow between the knees ,as this takes any strain off the spin,dont lean over the washing up bowl and hover as little as possible,dont twist sideways ,with out thinking about it first as this can also pull out an already bad back,
take pain killers but not to strong as if you cant feel the pain ,then how do you know you are over doing it ,pain is there as a warning to you to be carefull ,if you cant feel some pain then you must be exstra carefull or you could do more damage,and not realise till too late,
sit in a firm chair,dont cross ur legs,as it cuts off blood and slow down healing ,but do take time off ur feet give it all a rest,
use a cusion behind ur back to support it when sitting or driving ,and soak in a hot bath ,but get some foam to sit on and a peice to put behind ur back as a bath can be very hard and could make you worse if not carefull ,foam can just be rung out and dried ,
stand tall when walking ,and stay away from uneven ground,take stairs carefully ,and even hanging out the washing ,dont keep bending up and down if need be stand your washing basket on a chair that your partner has carried out for you ,and the washing too if its heavy ,if alone then take a few bits out at a time and throw them over your shoulder whilst hanging ,
best of all relax as we tend to stiffen when something is hurting ,learn to feel when you are relaxed ,if it helps use a relaxation cd,
if you use a hot water bottle on the back ,make sure its warm not actually hot as this can cause swelling if too hot .
it total you will have to be gentle with yourself and do any housework movements controlled and not at speed,as you could suddenly jolt the spin and not notice till later ,it dont always react at that moment but later after rest you will feel it then ,
try not to do leg exsersises as this pulls the lower back .if you do anything and feel pain its not good to do ,if its gentle and dont hurt this is good ,as you are getting movement ,but not straining ,
i hope this opens your eyes a little further,all the best ,,,kat.
by the way ,neck ,shoulder and arm pain can all be from the lower back,relaxation should help ,,,good luck.dont end up legless as i did please ,its so easilly done,my misstake and boy did i learn from it ,,,,take care ,

Daniel C

exercises which focus on the back muscles and also have some step on your back lightly should help relieve the pain. hope this helps.

ad s
Try getting the book 7 Steps to a Pain Free Life by Robin Mckenzie

sam tyler
warmbath,3 big jack daniels, and a big sleep

tiger, you look like a teenage boy, but you sound like a wife!

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles is the only answer to that. It will also improve your posture! I have the same problem, but I need motivation to go to the gym!

Hm, I know someone who could answer this better than I could. I think she tries rather a bit of yoga, and of course medicine.

I've only once had a week in which I couldn't move my back at all (and I slept on a mattress on the ground, so you can imagine my morning rituals) but with strengthening my back muscles through exercise more, I've beaten it. It was temporary anyway, lucky me. I hope this person I know will find time to answer this too.

little miss naughty
good massage

Any exercise to strengthen your core stability muscle groups will help you no end. These include the muscles which lie either side of your spine and deep into your abdominal wall. I have practiced yoga for quite some time and, although it's not a cure, the strength gained from regular practice helps me to get by. My physio recently recommended Ti Chi as another good option, to be aware of posture and gain refinement muscle movement, though I haven't tried it yet it does seem logical. Regular exercise, keeping posture in mind, of any kind is good for reducing stiffness.
For gentle pain relief, with minimal use of drugs, I recommend investing in a good quality memory foam mattress. The best way to relieve muscle tension in the back is by relaxation, and if your body has to fight to get comfortable while you sleep you won't get a chance to ease the tension.
Heat therapy is also a great way of relaxing the knots that build up, as is a good massage. I have also had acupuncture, and although skeptical at first, I have found it to be very useful.

I try to get by with minimal drug intervention because I found that some of the side effects were adding to the original problem, but to do this I sometimes have to utilize my stubbornness not to give in to the discomfort. Just getting on with it, regardless of the pain, is sometimes all you can do...

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