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Whats Going On!? My stomach has been hurting for the last 2-days.?
I keep getting this sharp tingling feeling in my stomach. The pain is so bad, when the pain comes I can't breathe or anything, I just want to drop to my knees. My stomach has gotten pretty weak since i've been food poisoned 2-3x's. What do you think it could be? I haven't been throwing up at all, but this pain is unbarable!!!!!

adge the champ
go to the doc fast you never know the consequences if you stall

could be nothing but keep your liquids up...you keep having this you need to be seen....

This is going to sound disgusting but it could be gas. Gas can make your stomach hurt really bad. If you think that's the culprit--drink a flatten can of ginger ale. You may have eaten something that is upsetting your stomach. I had this crab dish earlier this week and my stomach was shaky for about 2 days. I would try the ginger ale first (i think Canada Dry tastes the best). If that doesn't work, try Mylanta...the last time I had seafood poisoning (bad mussels), I took some in between vomiting and it help a whole lot. Good luck! I hope you feel better...

you gt upearly morning do some exercises and in the eveening go for a 25mins brisk walk and back home.If it's cold ware dress to cover u and be in the dress for a long time.
Do the daily exercise.Feel hungry eat gapes.

Chas B

Go to the doc.

Tara H
I would get to a doctor. Especially if the pain is on the right side of your stomach you could have appendicitis, and that needs to be treated quickly. Get to a doctor or emergency room, the sooner the better.

I hope you feel better soon!

Well, my guess is, since you've been food poisoned, the bacteria that made you sick is also causing you to have a hyperacid stomach, hence the pain, which if left untreated may turn into ulcers. Harmful bacteria could linger in your system for a couple of days.
Or it could be gas pain, and bloatedness which sometimes could be just as painful, and prevent you from breathing normally. It feels like you are wearing really tight jeans and your abdomen can't expand during normal breathing.
All-in-all, the antibiotics that your doctor prescribed you should clear out your system in a couple of days (unless it's a viral infection, then you would take antiviral meds). If the pain persists, notify your doc immediately so he or she can prescribe something else for the discomfort.

T Tyme
You mentioned being food poisoned 2-3 times, that's a lot... unless someone's a doctor on here, don't take their word for it. Go to a doctor as soon as possible... in the meantime, watch what you eat... stick to liquids...

Hey, I'll be praying for you...

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