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What will clonidine show up as in a urine screen (narcotic?)?

Rex B
Maybe, why are you taking it?? If its a prescription and you need it then tell them you take it for ?? _ _

Probably as clonidine. If you've been using it to counteract the effects of amphetamines or other narcotics, the narcotics will still show up.

clonidine will show up in a drug screen as a benzodiazepine because that is what it is. If you have a prescription for it, no problem.

clonidine. i take it using it to counteract the effects of amphetamines (adderoll) it isto balance and stop high blood pressure. it would never show up as a narcotic i promise

Chris C
No, it wouldn't, clonidine is not a narcotic, so I can't see why someone would be tested for it.

Also, to the RN above me, clonidine is an anti-hypertensive/sleep aid, not a benzo. You're thinking of clonazepam(Klonopin)

Karen B
clonidine, if I remember correctly, lowers your blood pressure. It is not a narcotic but it depends on who's testing you! Drug users take it a lot so, clinics tend to look for it(because people abuse it) I hope this helps! Clonidine is not a benzo, people might confuse it with clonazepam (which is klonapin) that is a benzo!! But clonidine is a generic for catapres!!

maybe u can try this.. http://sg.88db.com/sg/Views/landingpage.aspx?CatID=3140000

Marcia F
clonidine is a high blood pressure pill that is now being used to help some stop smoking.It should not show up in a urinalysis as a narcotic.Check the web site www.webmd.com and type in clonidine

clonidine is a benzo, and it will show up as one.

If they are testing for drugs yes but if you mean on normal urinalysis no.

Clonidine is not a narcotic and will not show up at all on routine screening toxicology reports. However, Klonopin, a brand name of clonazepam, is a benzodiazepine. These are frequently searched for on screening toxicology examinations. This is not a problem if you can show the prescribing label, as a medication prescribed for you. Additionally, Klonopin has so many uses that just taking this particular medication should not give any indication of the reason for the prescription.

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