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So Confused!!!
What to Do after your appendix has been removed?
Yeah I just has it removed yesturday and I have no idea what to do now so if you guys/gals have anyway to help with the pain and boredom answer right now!!!! THX!

sell it and buy ice cream with the money :)

Big Bad Boris Mayor of London
Keep it in a jar

i hope you brought him/her home.. name him/her. good way to pass time :P

you don't have to do anything?

you live Ă³n as before!

what did you think?

Just relax, they will start you off with liquids and you slowly have to start eating food if you don't there will be cramping. They should give you some pain medication. But you do have to take it easy for about 2 weeks. I know it is not no fun

As for the pain i have no answer, i just put up with it.
But try and keep moving, not loads and not up and downstairs to much, just stand up and take a few steps, until it gets to much, this will keep you from getting all stiff.
have no idea what these sites are like, but thats what google came up with!
Get well soon

Start looking on Ebay for a new one?

try not to laugh, cry, sneeze, or cough - these all hurt - then keep a pillow with you at all times so that if you do laugh, cry, sneeze, or cough you can hold the pillow tight against your abdomen and it will not hurt as badly.

As for the boredom.......take your painkillers and sleep it off

PS don't watch the comedy channel or the hallmark channel as these may make you laugh or cry.

Deep Throat
I had mine removed a few years ago and the pain is not bad at all compared to other surgery iv had recently so you will be fine. Just relax, put your feet up with a few book/mags or DVDs are great. I'm outta work with 4months since my last surgery and iv all my Christmas cards wrote an all.

I got my appendix taken out in May. I felt that sitting up at a slant really helped the throbing pain. I also ate small meals instead of regular ones- the regular ones gave me stomach aches. I really wanted to heal so whenever I felt up to it I would walk around the house for a couple minutes. Walking took away my boredom as well as my friends coming to vist. I also got alot of presents, like gift cards to Blockbuster, so I watched movies too.

I didn't have much pain after my surgery. That pain didn't compare to the pain before. Mine almost busted.

You can't lift anything for 6-8 months over 10 pounds.

I would relax, take the pain pills and let your wound heal.

Dr Frank
Assuming it was removed by keyhole surgery, you can mobilise after 48 hours and begin gentle exercise after 7 days. Your doctor was duty bound to supply you with this advice!

Go home and lay on the couch and let people wait on you for as long as you can get away with it.

Feel sorry for yourself for a few days.

Then just get on with it=]

Just relax and don't do anything too strenuous. Let everyone else do everything for you.

Don't go out drinking like I did and ended up in bed for longer than I expected.

I had mine removed when I was 6 so it has been a couple of decades. Just like any surgery, drink plenty of fluids, get rest, do not over exert yourself.

Rest and heal.........

In one week you will be just fine. In one month you will remember it was removed.
In one year you will forget everything about it.

Geordie H
i had mine removed too... Just relax and live your life :P

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