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 I swallowed a milk dud whole and now im freaking out not choking but scared its stuck somewhere?

What should we do if a 2 year old accidentally swallowed 2 tablets of tums?

Call poison control. Tums is not poison, but may be very bad for your 2 year old.

Mangoo Splash
seek medical help immediately

dont worry
Tums won't do anything bad to the child at all. All they do is help digest their food =)

inform them to say "excuse me"

i think they are okay, but i would still call a doctor or poison control. it isnt medicine, its for upset stomache.

Vanessa D
Call your DR on call and make sure there is nothing you need to do. Who knows with kids though better than your DR.

nothing..tums wont hurt you...they actually contain calcium.
They wont hurt your child at all.
I used to give them to my kids because I get heartburn
real bad and they think its candy. lol
My kids are 2 and 4.
They've always been fine :D

Good luck with everything and relax..all is well :)


it will probably be fine. but if you are really worried, call poison control and ask.

Poison control would be a better place to ask this question. Tums is mainly calcium, but has probably other ingredients we don't really know about, so I suggest you call, just to make sure...

Mr. G
other than burp, nothing, doctors give Tums to children for upset tummy, and also as a calcium

should be no problem

your 2 year old will probably be fine, if you are worried which i would be too if my daughter did something like that just call this number

1-800-222-1222 National poison control center, there also should be a number for it on the back of the tums :)

It's probably O.K. since they have a TUMS for kids product. I never bought it, but the size is probably just smaller than the adult size. Give the child some milk and call the E.R. to ease your mind.

Nothing will happen as it settles the stomach

its not a really strong pillbut if she/he is only two then u may want to go to the doctor just in case beacause ull never know how their body will react if they never took hat much.

Taylor C
tums dont hurt kids. its safe. dont worry :)

nothing its jsut antiacid. it wont hurt him. but if you are really worried just call an after hour nurse in your area ifyou have one instead of taking him/her to the doctor. the most it will do is help him from getting heartburn or a stomach from eating the last meal he/she ate.
hoe this helps. god bless

Tums do not have an age restriction. Since they are simply a chalk base, all they do is settle down the amount of stomach acid which relieves the heartburn. No need to panic.


He or she will fine.

i think the child will be fine, but try some milk that should coat the stomach.

I think he's fine, all it is is calcium. I wouldn't let him do it again, though.

If you're really concerned call poison control. 1-800-222-1222

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