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Denise C
What should I do if every time I drink I get a headache?

drink more and more

drink less and act drunk.

Martha Evans
Do you mean every time you drink an alcoholic beverage or do you mean any beverage?

try a different type of liquor or beer. It might be what you are drinking that is causing the headaches.

you may have an allergie or other natural aversion to achohol or even the type your drinking - also if you are overwieght you need to be checked for diabeties as the sugars in alcohol can cause stress on your body and cause headaches - note you dont have to be over wieght if you have a family history.

Other - drink water in between drinks. you may be getting dehidrated.

Take two aspirin or an aspirin substitute before you go to bed. Better yet, stop drinking.

drink 7up and put a cherry in it or a lemon

quit drinking

Okay, my first response is also to say quit drinking. But you are smart enough to have thought of that already, and are probably saving it for a last resort. So some more practical advice: sweet alcoholic beverages are more likely to cause headaches. Switch to something else. Also, alcohol is a diuretic so make sure you also drink some water to keep hydrated; dehydration can give you a headache. Last but not least, an old boyfriend taught me that when you drink, to avoid a headache the next day, take two aspirin with a big glass of water right before you go to bed. Good luck ; )

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