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What is the best thing to eat/drink to calm stomach pains?
My stomach periodically starts hurting very bad and feels like my stomach acid is eating my stomach (think I might have gotten food poisoning). What should I eat or drink to feel better?

prettyinpink cutie
i wpuld say vernors, canada dry, sparkleing cider, put a cold pillow on your tummy. You can also try eating salty things like peanuts and sunflower seed. ooh and take some peptobislmol

Bananas calm my stomach. Also hot water is good. You could always microwave a flax or rice bag (google it) and lay it on your stomach. Do you excercise? Doing a stretch where you lean back and extend your abs relieves tension which is nice.

I drink sprite when I feel sick, and eat toast or crackers. Hope that helps!

Bruce N
Ginger ale is good because it will keep you hydrated and get some calories in you, especially if you cannot eat anything. You can also buy sliced ginger that can help to calm your stomach. If you are actually sick and have intestinal problems, then I recommend the BRATS diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Saltine crackers. It is easy on the stomach.

You first see your or a Doctor. If you are having upset stomach with acid, it could mean ulcer or acid reflux diease. Which in time could erode your stomach and esophagus. Try taking TUMS, or a Rolaids. If that doesn't work, try eating bland foods, like, rice, soups, mashed potatoes. Nothing with sauces like pasta sauce, nothing spicy. If you still feel bad, consult you PCP.

i like Alka Seltzer regular.

But if it feels like acid, Maalox works best.

You might have an ulcer, or a hernia. You should see a doc.

First go for medical check-up & try to find out that what type diseases you are suffering from ? It may be gastritis, gastric-ulcer, Intestinal Worms, If you are alcoholic, then may be some liver troubles. So, don't think about what should eat/drink & you shouldn't treat yourself as your own or others advice. It, is, my earnest request to you kindly go to a doctor asap.

Bella ♥ Italiana
DON'T drink any sodas! The carbonation will make your stomach feel only worse. Drink tea...it is better.

You can eat:

saltine crackers
dry toast
plain pasta
plain baked potatoes

Avoid eating:

Acidic foods

First you should rule out the possibility of you having an ulcer, for this you should see a doctor. meanwhile try milk & liquorice.

Kelly R
Either flat lemonade, tonic water or your choice of peppermint or spearmint herbal tea.
If you think it is food poisoning, you should go to the hospital E.R, they may be able to give you some proper medication for it. But don't eat anything else until you get the all clear from them. DO, however, drink plenty of water to help flush out the bad stuff.

Hope this helps. Get better soon!!!

my answer wont be long..just eat easy to digest foods.

Mint, chamomile or fennel tea or a teaspoonful of baking soda dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water.

flat ginger ale is best... I would also try to eat a few saltine crackers...

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