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What is causing this horrible headache that makes me want to throw up and cry!?!???
I feel like throwing up.Nothing helps.I've tried everything!I feel sick.My head is pounding like someone is continually hitting me in the head.
Additional Details
I have thrown up about 10-12 times now!

i was like that too but when i was pregnant. only throwing up helped a lilttle.

If you yield dark yellow urine you are drinking less water. Consume water to yield pale yellow urine.
If you are in cold country use all warm things.
Hot water bath will help if coughing.
Pl try cold water bath if in hot country.
Massage with Sun bath is good thing, pl try.
Pl try simple acupressure given below for immediate relief.
If it fails you will have to go for Acupuncture.

There is hardly any medicine for H/A OR MIGRAINE. Not only these but for RA, OA, Back ache, Ear ache/ringing and almost all painful diseases. Hence they become chronic.

Acidity, WORRY, sadness, excessive wind, cold , heat, sour food and sinusitis, constipation, intestinal inflammation; drug side effects, stress, bad smell, TV & COMPUTER SOMETIMES, Blockage in the flow of Vital Energy, BODY CONSTITUTION etc are their causes.
None of them can be treated with medicine.
Our 100% success in treating migraine &H/A confirms it.

Acupuncture is the best treatment.
I can treat it with naturopathy and YOG, but how can you manage pl see.

Pain killers don't treat the pain but we loose the sense of pain for some time; in that duration our body itself treats sometime and credit goes to meds.
The useless drugs have tremendous power of side effects like liver/kidney failures, ulcer, inflammation of intestines and lot more.

Avoid late sleeping if possible; worry, tension, spicy foods, sour fruits, stale bakery foods, SMOKING and alcohole.

Sweet foods, COCOANUT WATER,sweet fruits, milk, rice, SPROUTS, SALADS and good sleep will help if cough is not there.

But you try one herbal remedy- two drops of drumstick leaves' juice in opposite nostril if one side pains and both nostrils if full H/A will give you rescue. Betel leaf helps but it is very strong.

If it is acute pl search a painful point (with round tipped pen/jimmy) 3-6 mm behind your thumb nail and press it, H/A will disappear within 30 seconds.

For forehead/eye pain the points are in front of nails on the finger tips or 3-7 mm below.

It may disappear naturally too.

R.H. 19, Jhulelal Society, Sector 2/E, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

as u said u have tried up everything , just check ur eye power bcoz sumtime people who hav high power in their eyes has an sever headache . so u must wear glass for tht. just go and check ur eye dear
get well soon.

Sounds like you may have migraines. Does light and noise affect it as well? There are medications out there for migraines. See your Dr.

This could be sinus problems. Ask someone to get you something at the drug store. Your pharmacist can help you find something.

You are suffering from a migraine headache, I get them all the time. It helps me to put a hot compress on my head. Some say it's caused from stress or to much caffeine. I know what you mean when you say nothing works. I know some people go into the doctor and get a shot, maybe you can talk to him or her about your headache.

Sounds like a migraine. Throwing up might actually relieve the pain. I get migraines 1-2 times per month. The only things that have helped me are throwing up (yuck) and going to the doctor and getting a shot of Demerol.

I had a headache that lasted a week. It hurt most "throbbing" when I stood up, or leaned forward. It hurt across my forehead, behind my eyes and behind my cheek bones. I thought i was going to die. I had nausea for a day while having the headache. I usually get a bad sinus infection each year and this was the one. I took Sudafed PE headache medicine. This was the only medicine that brought me some relief. I also took hot baths and ran a humidifier. Drink water! Good luck.

Shana B
Sounds like a migraine headache. My husband gets those, and they are just terrible!

Try taking some Excedrin headache medicine and lay down in a dark quiet room and close your eyes. That usually helps.

T Quin
Agree with Shana, Migraines come in different categories and none of them are kewl but pain and grief.

Migraines can be triggered by many things; SIGHT: like being in a very bright room, you leave and start to feel sick, or SCENT: someone weres strong perfume passes by you, and you would start to have an awful headache & be sick..SOUND: if you are very sensative to sound that would aggravate your mood swings sharply and come down with a bad headache, feel dizzy n' sick in the washroom. Lastly, STRESS can actually make you very sick and have these migraine symptoms too..

Your best bet, get yourself tested for any of the above, and the results should come out...Describe anything that makes you feel dizzy, sick and throbbing on both temples to the Drs, they would know what you might be battling.

Best of luck girlfriend, hope there's an solution and help you cope through it, live life at large!

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