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What happens if your appendix is about too burst or leaking?
Hi I'm 18 i live in oz i had a appendicitis and the doctor said i t was leaking they operated me asap(which was good) but what could have happen if i didn't operate it? it was so scary! they even inserted a big tube in my esophagus HELP!

you could die


If you're appendix was leaking and no operation was done, two things may happen:
1. a fatty tissue, called the omentum, will go to the site of the appendix and wall-off the infection. It will create a sort of ball around it and contain the infection. This will create an abscess. This is relatively easier to handle compared to the alternative. the problem with this is the abscess spreading to the colon, to which the appendix is attached. A bigger operation may be needed.

2. If the omentum fails to wall off the abscess, the infection will spread all over the abdomen. A bigger incision may be needed, as is a longer hospital stay. Also there's a higher risk of a more extensive operation being needed, especially if fecal materials enter the abdomen. Remember, the appendix is attached to the colon, which has lots of feces.

Good thing you won't have to worry about that.

If your appendix burst, you might have died, or at the very least, you'd be in rough shape and would have to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks or so. You're lucky they caught it before it burst! :o

Hope you're feeling better!

Be glad they caught it in time.If it had burst the poison would have gone through you system and you would have died. Many years ago before there was surgery many people did die from this. I had an attack of appendicitis when I was in my forties, the doctor in the ER told me it was a cyst and not my appendix, he said I was too old for that. He sent me home, but I came back later that night they did x-rays and took me into surgery right away. My appendix burst in the surgeon's hand right before he made his first cut. How close was that.

I'll bet that was just awful... you could have died which is why they did emergency surgery on you. I hope you heal quickly, good luck with everything...


is that your laugh box or sumthin? like maybe ur leg i dont know what that is but im just gunna copy everyone else... you coulve died ..lol butcha didnt

If your appendix bursts, food matter gets expelled into your abdominal cavity, which causes an abscess. The abscess causes the tissue around your abdominal cavity and your abdominal organs (which is a bunch of them) to become inflamed, effectively disrupting their proper function (this is called peritonitis, named after the medical term for the abdominal tissue). It's not fatal if the doctors get to you pretty quick, but it definitely constitutes an emergency and they were on the ball to remove your appendix before that happened.

My Uncle had his removed..it was bout to burst and the doctor told him he would have died is he didn't go to the ER soon enough

Usually is operated surgically even before it breaks and leaks: the fact it is inflamed , seriously inflamed, it is enough to use surgery.
When it breaks, the content of your intestine (and possibly a seriously infected content) flows in your abdominal cavity creating a general and often deadly inflammation of peritoneum, general sepsis and a lot of other problems in the area that are very very often deadly
Broken appendix is a serious surgical emergency and you was lucky
Now, of course, you don't risk, and appendicectomy (and laparatomy, if you had already peritonitis) is a quite common and well known surgery

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