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 Has anyone had this happen to you in the hospital?
Go in for a severe pain and when the doctor cant find anything they say your just in depression and faking your illness!!!...

 Heart or lungs hurting????Cant breath well...!!?
Well while i was sleeping my heart or lungs (not shure what it is)started hurting.Maybe i was sleeping in a bad position...When i woke up my chest was still hurting and still is.I cant take a deap ...

I get really bad headaches and i've been to the doctor and he said it's eye strain and tiredness. When eva they come I take paracetamol or ibrofen, i've even tried both but nothing eva ...

 Do I have to live with pain for the rest of my life?
I'm in so much pain with my legs every dayy that I beleve that it would be better off if they were cut off,they say that pain is weakness leaving the body,but how much weakness does oneself have?...

 Is it true you can get arthritis by cracking your neck?

 How can i releive sunburn stinging?

 Stabbing through bone?
it sounds like a weird question but how hard is it really to stab through bone. i see it a lot in the ...

Ok so heres my question. I'm 14 and I've sprained my wrist two times once in May and another time in October. And I now have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was wondering if I know have arthritis ...

 Upon waking up what causes numbness in your hands?

 I am suffering with shoulder pain and i could not lift my hand since 2 years?

 Painful feet upon walking after sitting for a while. pain at anklejoint top of feet, any ideas what it is?

i got a headache and my eyes are burning i also feel really dizzy and my ears hurt a bit sometimes
what type of headache is ...

 Suppository always comes back out - what can I do?

 Pain Management How much is to much?
I am curious and would like others opinions.
I have been dealing with throbbing pain since a accident when a very early teen. Over 20 years now.
I had yet another accident within the last 3...

 Neck pain/Cramp what shall i do?
I was sitting at my PC earlier today and suddenly i coudnt move my neck backwards nor to the side. And i still cant... :(...

 Please help. How can I treat a pinched nerve in my neck until I can get in to see my chiropractor tomorrow?

 How do I make my back stop hurting?
Hey ppl, my back has been hurting for about 2 weeks now. I am 13, this started after i played some tennis which i havent done in a while cuz it was winter. I had fun and all and in the next day i ...

 Migrain headaces?
i have been having migrains they make my vision blurry i get all queasy and on occasion they get so bad that i throw up. i have seen the doctor they did a cat scan and an mri they say i have a ...

 Is this migraine? ? help pls?
Pls help! any suggestions would be useful. the past 7 days i have never had pain like it. left side of head, left earache, and teeth sentive tooth ache from hell. numbness in face and panic attacks ...

 I get lower back pain on and off and i have been told have flat feet waiting to go to hospital to see someone?
been waiting 3 weeks now and am still in pain on and off,my job means i am on my feet alot.retail that is.what should i do to help reduces the pain in my foot and lower back. i also have a pain in my ...

What happens if you snort advil or tylenol?
would it kill you from snorting just one pill?

young maj
lol.. you'd probably get rid of your headache, but i wouldn't recommend snorting anything cause one day your going to graduate to crack.

You could get a nose bleed! I wouldnt advice doing such a thing

you wil get the same effect as if you drank in down.i can't see anyone doing such a thing,and i was an addict for many years.i am sober now for over 10 years.

I like squishy pillows
Do you really want to find out the answer to that question?

she who is awesome
you would probably die...

I believe that you can get high off of anything if you do it right, and with the right quantities...either that or it kills you.

You Wish You Knew Me ;-)
and yes it could...

No, it will have the same exact effect only hit your blood stream faster and in much higher dosage than taking it orally.

I would think it impossible to snort enought tylenol to kill yourself, but don't try and find out, ok?

Angel Eve
It wont kill you, but its going to hurt your nostrils and burn. Snorting things just make it get to your brain faster. You pass digesting it and send it straight to the blood stream.

it'll probly either burn or clog up your nose. i don't think it will do anything to you.

u a crack head u need rehab beotch

crack addic do anything to gets a hit! damn!

stop sleepin round to gets high

dumb heffa

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