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 Hi all this is a medical Q. i suffer with anxiety / dep but i always get tummy and chest pain iv been to the d
by the doctor keeps telling me its not cardio its chest wall pain does anyone else get this and could offer any way of releaving
the pain or stress iam 46 male thankyou in advance. i hope you ...

 How do you help get rid of muscle cramps in the calf muscle?
My husband awoke this morning with horrible leg cramps.

I know why you get them i.e. dehydration, lack of potassium, etc. etc. But, I want to know how everyone gets rid of them, or helps ...

 Hydrocone 500 mg and tylenol?
I took a hydrocodone 500 mg 4 hrs ago but in pain again :( Can I take a tylenol 500 mg after taking hydrocodone earlier or not long ago? I am in a lot of pain. I dont weigh much by the way. Around 100...

 Vein hurting?
my vein in my right arm really hurts and its feels like a stabbing and stinging pain, could it be something serious? please anyone help as im really worried and in pain. thank ...

 My 8 year old daughter has had ear pain since a flight in the summer. Is this normal?
I have taken her to doctors but they have found nothing wrong with her hearing or ear but yet 4 months later she still complains of strong sharp ear pain which happens randomly. Has anyone ever ...

 I have horrible back pain in my upper back, does it cound like a pinched nerve?
I have been waking up with a stiff neck for the last week in horrible pain, it starts in my upper back and neck. I have trouble getting out of bed because of the pain and stiffness, i cant even turn ...

 Medication and Alcohol?
I know for sure that I can't drink alcohol while on the Motrin I've been taking. But what if I switched to Tylenol 1's for the pain? (Had a tooth removed). I'm going to an event ...

 What could be causing my headache?
What type of headache do I have?
I have a heaache in my right temple and it started in my neck and moved to my temple. It hurts worse when I cough or bend over. Is this a tension headache? I ...

 Should I go to the ER?!?
I’m a little suicidal, i just took 15-20 codein pills, and 5 clonapams. And im starting to cut myself again....

 I have stomach cramps getting worse and worse is it my appendix?
help i am in a lot of pain my girl thinks it might be my appendix i am 28 male, hurts like real pain, only way of releiving is to stop breathing , it hurts when i breathe out and in but if lean ...

 I have this pain in my arms and it hurts as if i lifted smthing heavy even though i haven't. What is it?
I also get a feeling that i need to stretch my body all the time. Please help me!...

 Is it weird?
to like to be in pain. I like it when im sore, my back is really sore right now cuz i threw it out, every time i stand up it hurts but I like this feeling, are other people like this also?...

 Pill stuck in throat?
i took advil's migrane pill. it's an orange jelly-like pill the size of a jelly bean. i took it an hour ago and it's still stuck. it hurts to swallow my salivia, food, and water. what ...

 I'm in pain, and the doctor doesn't even know what it is. HELP?
The left side of my stomach/waist REALLY hurts, it kinda feels like cramps when you're in the middle of jogging.

I can't move that much...I can't even lay down on my bed ...

 I need a docters advice!!!!!.........?
my mom gets this horrible tingling in her hand. and her hand is always cold. she tells me that her hand tingles 24/7 like it would if it was asleep. and she gets very bad pain in her back particuarly ...

 What's wrong with my foot?
I am experiencing very painful throbbing in the top of my right foot. The pain comes and goes but is unbearable when it comes. Does anyone know what this might be?...

 Waking up with Headaches in the Morning?
I seem to always wake up with a cracking headache first thing in the morning, can anyone help as to why?
I tend to get a lot of migraines - could this be anything to do with it? I have seen my ...

 Sound with pain?
I moved a little the other night, nothing strenuous. I heard a loud pop and there was instant excruciating pain in my left side, sort of towards the back. I made my way upstairs in severe stabbing ...

 Severe stabbing pain over right hip feels achy unable to walk or stand for long?
I suddenly got a pain in my right hip last night and it was so severe it made me gasp out loud ive never had this pain before and cant think what it could be as i wasn't moving when i got the ...

 My back ALWAYS ache badly whenever i walk & stand . what's the problem?

Mark H
What happens if I cut in half a time release oxycodone???

Rachel L
Probably nothing. Its a time release so your not going to get the full bennifit from it unless they are too strong for you in the first place.

You Distroy The Time Release Feature
and get the full dose now

You're gonna get high and most likely addicted

Gregg L (JPA)
wow these ppl are stupid, i do this everyday with oxycontin, as long as u dont crush it, cutting it in half and talking a half will be a time release of half the dose...i never noticed any difference in the time release matrix with cutting it in half..use a pill cutter

I saw a true life show on mtv where two best friends were drinking some beer and got a time release oxycodone the friends had been doing this medication for awhile to get high but before they always took the whole pill this time they wanted to be careful cause they were drinking beer they split the pill in half to be safe and one friend died and the other one lived this is a true story all the medication was in the one side of the pill and this happened because the protective layler was broken caused to much to release.if you wunna see the video of this with the best friends who took the Oxycontin go to www.mtv.com look for true life and search Oxycontin

It can kill you because when the time release coating is broken you get a very high dosage of the medication all at once which is usually time released over a longer period of time.

The universe will implode. Don't do it man. Don't do it.

Chas B
you will get a far higher dose than you are suppose to. So don't do it. Plus it more than likely will make you sick to your stomach

I take
for a spinal injury so I have a lot of experience with what these drugs do and what side effects usually happen


You will get the full dose all in one shot increasing the risk of an OD due tothe fact TR meds usually have higher doses then those meds that arent TR cuase these meds are ment to last usually 12 hours. Dont do it

Ronald D
The coating provides the mechanism for controlling how the dosage is timed. By cutting your medication in half you break this barrier which will allow too much medication to be absorbed right away. Time release medication MUST be taken in whole.

Rich Z
Here is what the paper packed with it says "TAKING BROKEN, CHEWED, OR CRUSHED OXYCODONE

That would convince me it is a bad idea.

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