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What does it mean when your chest, back and right side of body hurts?
pain in chest, pain in upper rib cage area on the side under arm pit and pain in the middle of back

See a chiropractor, if one of your ribs is out they can gently adjust it back to where it should be.

I had pain like that it starts on the right side and goes from front to back under your shoulder blade. It was my gallbladder. I would have your Dr check it out just to be safe at least call him to rule out your heart. If you don't like Dr.'s try eating and drinking clear foods but if it gets any worse go to the hospital!!!!! If you have gallstones it can be pretty serious.

Did you get beaten up or drunk lately?
Maybe in a road accident, or just plain fell over.
Go see your doctor, or just take it easy with some bed rest for a day or two

I'm going through the same thing now,got blood work done yesterday bone scan next week x rays came back negative,could be a number of things from pleurisy to one of your ribs not resting in its socket properly to a muscle strain,broken rib,god forbid lung cancer overcompensation for a bad shoulder or pinched nerve,tightness of muscles,I'm on klonipin and vicodin and its improving but you really need to see a doctor,and don't expect a quick diagnosis or fix I have been dealing with this for years

The Teacher
It means that you need to see a doctor !

If you haven't found a solution or good answer, try MD.COM and input your symptoms. Otherwise go to the E.R.

mary m
kidney stone???

go to the doctors. it might just be trapped wind but better to be safe than sorry

your in a lot of pain go to the docs

Robert W
You're still alive? .. If in doubt go to a doctor or hospital.

Sounds like either a pulled muscle in the rib cage area, or a trapped nerve in your back. Both of those can cause you sever pain in the chest. You should phone 999 immediately when you have any kind of chest pain.
Depending on your age and health it could possibly be angina.

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