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....just kidding....

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What does it mean when the physical therapist says, "You have a low pain threshold?"?
This baffles me. Isn't a person supposed to react to pain? I mean, like the SECOND you feel pain?

What's good about sitting there with your mouth shut and not letting her know she's hurting you?

I'm not a masochist, you know. I told her that "Pain is your body's way of telling you SOMETHING IS WRONG and to stop doing whatever it is you're doing."

Am I wrong?

Don't pay attention to it at all. Ignore it totally. No, you are not wrong. Not in the least. Get another therapist.

happy to be alive
If this person has a condescending attitute you might want to find someone else if you can & if you can't then just ignore him/her. You might be more sensitive that most of the people she works with & it sounds like she took it as an insult of her work. Pain also shows us how me are taking life on other levels. If you are a sensitive person you are probably good at knowing things that most people just don't get right away. An example would be you get a feeling about a person & don't know why but you find your feeling was right about them once info. comes to your awareness. Most people shut this down & it is a good thing to have so don't let her discourage you.

I have been to the hospital many many times when i raced motorcycles. I would hear people screaming there heads off and ask 'what happened to them' come to find out they got a shot, or they have some road rash, or some other small injury.

I was their because I cracked my spine, broke a collar bone or bruised my kidneys. Not bragging but I could not believe the fuss some people make over little things. hell I took my neckbrace off and walked out of the hospitol with a cracked spine. I hate that place and would rather be at home in pain than in there.

People take pain differently. Some,are whimps. LOL

A low pain threshold means that the subjective complaint of pain is more easily triggered in you which can be caused by a number of mechanisms. First, is our inherent mechanism of pain tolerance (what you were born with), second are any co-existing medical or bio-psychological conditions (which affect our level of neurotransmitters), and third is an unstable emotional state or stress.

People with certain conditions or chronic pain states are often said to be "centrally sensitized" which means that the brain is continuing the transmission of the pain signal long after the damage has healed, it's somewhat like a "short circut" in the nervous system. These people also often have their pain response more easily triggered.

Pain does not always means something is being damaged and that you should stop. Hopefully, your therapist is teaching you about appropriate ways to view pain and how to identify what is potentially damaging and what is acceptable to feel.

Pain is not just a mechanical response, rather it is a deep process that involves the nervous system, brain and emotional modulation.

Those who have central sensitization or low pain thresholds can learn how to increase their threshold or learn more appropriate coping mechanisms, but one has to be very patient. Getting over the fear of movement is often very difficult, but is vital to recovery.

Best wishes.

Pat K
Not everyone reacts to pain the same way. A low threshold for pain is when you react to say, a stubbed toe, like sitting down for awhile, taking aspirin etc.... Pain is not always that something is wrong, but, for example, a reaction to a muscle that has not been used in a while. If you walked, lifted weights, etc... the next day or so, your inactive muscle(s) would ache. Some people would say that their muscle hurts so bad they are somewhat incapacitated where others would not say or do anything. But sometimes people with a high-threshold for pain don't stop and could wind up doing more damage. I have been told that I have a high threshold. For example, I had backsurgery, 2 discs removed, and within 7 days was out mowing my lawn, 1/2 acre and a push mower. Bright? no, but I don't like to be incapacitated or needy, and I don't like pain meds. Now this is for physical pain.
Emotional pain is something different, but again people handle it differently. Some people are numb to this kind of pain, or keep it inside so no one knows, where others feel it much deeper and that is not to say it is bad, just different. Depending on how you express (non-physically or violently) yourself you are actually releasing your emotions which is good for you.

It's not an insult, please don't take it personally. Our society seems to favor people who can tolerate a lot of pain. Many, many people can't. It's as physiological as it can get. Your nerves are more active and sensitive than some others, that's all. Nobody's saying you're a weenie. People with a low pain threshold may need stronger or different medications than those who can tolerate higher pain levels (whose nerve messengers are muted to a degree). That's why it is important for a health care provider to know what a person's individual pain threshold is. In physical therapy, it means your program will go a lot slower than others, and the therapist may have to push you a little beyond what is comfortable to help you get better. Good luck!

Having a low threshold for pain just means you can't tolerate pain very well.

Yes, you should tell your physical therapist when s/he is hurting you so s/he knows what to work on, but if you are screaming at the top of your lungs if she pokes your side, then you can't handle the pain of something very well.

Most of the time people say women have a higher threshold for pain them men do because we go through our menstral cycle every month, and give birth, whereas, men will usually curl up in a ball and act like a child for a simple headache.

She wasn't putting you down at all. Some people have different levels of pain that they consider tolerable or excruciating.

River 2 Electric Boogaloo
Obviously everyone (barring those with nerve damage) feels pain.

The question is, at what point in time does it become 'unbearable', or affect your ability to do something.

For example. I can put bacon on a pan, put it in the oven, let it cook for a while, pull out the pan (with an oven mitt) but then flip the bacon with my bare fingers, with bacon grease sizzling.

It's partially because I play guitar a lot and have built up some pretty good callouses (on my left hand anyway), plus I work on my own cars, etc.

I skateboard - which is a gaurantee of losing skin at some point in time (maybe even some bone), although despite having attempted to mangle myself by wrecking cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, falling on ice skates, snowboards, snow and water skiis, climbing/rappelling (never actually fell fortunately, but got banged up a few times), pretty much everything but skydiving (which I would absolutely love to try) - I have managed to never actually break a bone (a few dislocated shoulders, twisted ankles, scars, bruises and whatnot - but nothing that took more than a few weeks to be back to 100%)

I'm a little cautious, but I still consider it to be luck. I'm 34 now, and I've slowed down a bit, but not by much.

About the only kind of pain that I really can't stand is tooth pain. Anything else I can pretty much ignore and sleep/walk it off.

Tooth pain can leave you completely debilitated.

Low threshold? Means you can't tolerate pain very well. Basically you're a pansy. Just kidding. It's just your body telling you somethings wrong and yours is a little more sensitive. everyone is different, some tolerate it better than others.

Ozark Butterfly
Not everyone deals with pain the same way. I have a low pain threshold, where my middle daughter has a very high tolerance for pain, which can cause her issues since pain doesn't bother her.
She had a surgery a couple years ago, one day surgery and they left the gapping cut open, she was up walking around, wanting to play shortly after getting home, if it had been me, I would be in bed eating pain pills like candy!

Threshold means limit. So telling that you have a low pain threshold means you can easily feel the pain in just a short while.

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