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hi all diet
has anybody try taking foods out of there diet
which foods?
for how long.
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 I have a dull aching pain in between my breast almost constantly any ideas?

What does it mean to have sharp pains in your side?
My boyfriend just started having pains in his right side underneath his rib. When he gets a pain, he drops to his knees and he cant move. It only lasts for maybe a minute. I'm really scared because it wont quit. If you have any ideas of what this could be please tell me! THANK YOU!

and NO, he hasnt been running...and he hasnt gotten hit. He just hurts. And im scared..and he doesnt want to go to the hospital. But i really do need to know if there is somthing serious wrong. I will make him go to the hospital if it doesnt quit.

could be his appendix or gallstones

Jarjar B
It could be his kidneys if it's toward his back!


i have this pain to...i been through many of tests and they still haven't found anything yet it is getting annoying

it could be alot of things. i would deffinetly go see a doctor.

Well it could be a hernia or even u ready for this stones...jus a few days ago i had pains in the same place and it was kidney stones one of the worst pains u can ever have...tell him to drink alot of fluids and go to the doctor u never kno it can also b appendicitis or w/e

You need to take him to the hospital NOW, girl.

miss alexa.
Appendix, dear. Please get him to a hospital.

He needs to go to the hospital and get checked for gall stones, kidney stones, and appendicitis. All of these can become very serious very fast.

You should take him because it could be serious.

What the heck ?!
my dad had something like that...........but my dad only had a cyst in his small intestine............it popped after a week or two.

could be anything like appendicitis, kidney stones (about as close to the pain of child birth a man will ever experience) bladder/kidney infection. tummy could be spasming.......

yes, you need to make him go to hospital. If it's appendicitis it has the chance of bursting then the toxins will be released into his blood and he can actually die. He won't be able to stand the pain of Kidney stones for too long, and it's never good to pass on seeing a dr in relation to bladder/kidney infections. Convince him to go.

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