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Moon :)
What do you do about headaches that don't go away :) ?
Thank you for the ideas! :)

Have a wonderful day/night! :)
Additional Details
I mean, after you took the usual medications, and they didn't work

Raji the Green Witch
Ahhhhh, So, you've MET my boss already? LOL

Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch

Well after meds

Drink some water or orange juice get some fluids and go to sleep.

When your asleep you wont feel your head ache and it resting your body.

Get better dude headaches are a pain. =P haha like that joke=p

hello world
I am quite scared of headaches now, myself....especially after the rough time I went through last spring. I am sure I would try to see a doctor a lot more quickly now than I would have done before that....the headaches I experienced last spring turned out to be quite serious. But I suppose my own situation is made more complicated by my medical history and background. I am all sorted out now, though....and of course, I don't want to worry you! Please take care.


Lizard of Ahaz soon again
Meditation Just clear your mind and relax completely you would be surprised how effective this can be .

Not Quite Agnostic
I've had the same headache for nearly four years now ( it will be four in Feb. ) I've learned to simply avoid things that will make it worse, and I've also become used to it... it is simply what my existence entails.

try another medication!

Orpheus Rising
The best thing to do is treat the cause, not the symptoms - but you first have to (probably) go to a doctor and find out what kind of headache it is, and what the possible causes are.

My experience is all with migraines, so I can give you all kinds of tips: the best one is taking a 5-HTP supplement - an amino acid (basically tryptophan) that breaks down in the body and gets converted to serotonin. Low serotonin levels are the major biochemical cause of migraines. But if it's a tension or stress headache, that's a different story.

So, find out what's going on! Take care of yourself!

Peace to you.

Tash ♥RIP Deb♥
I get bad headaches at times and sometimes the medication won't work or I can't take it if my stomach isn't well. Theres a few things that help me.

First of all, I try my pressure points. There are four main ones that really ease my head aches. The first is in your eyebrows. If you push your thumb along or just under your eyebrow, going outwards from your nose, you should find a small indent in the bone. It may it sore - or very sore depending on what kind of headache you have.

After you have found it, find the one on your other eyebrow. Rub them both at once, for a minute or two. As you rub, some of the tension and pain will ease.

Next press along the under side of your cheek bones, going outwards from your nose. You'll know it when you find it if it's tender as it will really hurt.

Next massage your ear lobes firmly. They may or may not be sore, but this will ease the tension and pain.

The for the last one. Squeeze the flesh between your pointer finger and thumb. Squeeze the entire area untill you find the sore spot. Technically you are suppose to pinch it very hard for at least one minute, but this may be too painful, so just pinch or massage it as much as you can bear. Remember to do it on both hands.

If all else fails, I have a hot shower and let the hot water run over my head. Often headaches are caused by constriction of the blood vessels in your head - a hot shower relaxes them.

When you hop out, do not let your head get cold...even in summer the slightest chill can bring back the head ache, so wrap up your head in a towel.

A heat pack/hot water bottle as a pillow on the back of the head or neck also works well for me...

I hope you feel better soon sweetie. If I could have your headache instead I would... ((((Moon)))))

If you have a bad headache that won't go away, it may actually be a migraine. In which case only something a doctor prescribes will help get rid of it. Some migraines are not terrible with the seeing spots or feeling nauseous - they can just feel like bad headaches or really long ones that won't go away.

The relaxing, meditation, and yoga will all help, as well as the "pinch your hand between the first finger and thumb," but nothing will get rid of my migraines except for strong prescribed meds.

go to doctor and check your blood pressure. u have migraine? all these are to be checked by your doctor and not here

Here's 3 things that work well:

1. Stand under a hot shower. The hot water opens the constricted veins and arteries, lets blood flow, and relieves the pain.

2. Drink coffee. It does the same as above. Also notice, that many pain medication includes caffeine as one of its ingredients. A strong cup of coffee can often take it away.

3. Place Vicks Vapor Rub on your temples.

I hope your headache goes away real soon.

blooming chamomile
Here's a few things to try:

Boil up some water in a pot. Set it on the floor and make a towel-tent over your head. Breathe in the steam. Blow your nose as much as you can. If you want to add some essential oils like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, camphor, or tea tree (only a tiny bit of tea tree) you can.

Get someone to massage your face, scalp, and neck. Also, lie on your back with your hands tucked under your butt and have the person stretch your neck muscles out by pushing (gently) your head to one side and the other (ear to shoulder) and then twisting so that you're facing one way and then the other. You can do the stretching part yourself; just put the opposite hand only under your butt. If need be, you can do much of the massaging yourself--especially the face and scalp.

Drink a warm drink. I usually drink hot chicken stock, but anything would probably be good--just caffeine free. Also drink plenty of water--many headaches are due to dehydration.

Place a heating pad on the back of your neck and at the same time put an ice pack on the back of your head. I don't understand why, but this usually works for me.

I hope you feel better soon.

I used to have a lot of headaches when I was working full time, and when I learned to meditate, they stopped. If I get one now, it is sinus related, I'm sure, or is it stress? Both. I've had a headache for the past two days. : ) I just took some ibuprofen, and a sinus pill. Hope you feel better soon. =^.^=

Starjumper TiPsey Contributor
I used to get a lot of headaches. So I didn't wonder when for the duration of four months one just wouldn't go away. Finally, I visited the eye doctor. He said that if I had waited but a week, I would have lost my left eye due to a blood clot! All this due to NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER, and secondly (the reason I almost lost my eye) was birth control pills. They can wreak havoc on a girl. I stopped the pills and I haven't had a headache for five months now. That is a record!


As lame as it sounds, I would do yoga to relieve stress...It's relaxing when you're in a quiet environment to yourself, and it's really helpful!

If that doesn't work, then maybe you should drink green tea (not iced), or hot ginger water....

Try to forget about your headache and occupy yourself with other things, it'll go away eventually! :)

Brillian† 8 †rack Blue
Go see a doctor, the inside of your head is not something you want to wait until later about.

Jack B, goodbye, Yahoo!
This is the second time in the last few minutes I've recommended this, and the previous was also for a health issue, albeit a different one, but try chewing on cayenne pepper---red pepper flakes. The hotness of the pepper will open everything up, and if it is a tension headache, will instantly relax the capillaries and muscles in your head. Try it, but have a glass of water handy when you do!

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