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Katrina S
What can I do while in an MRI machine?
I heard you have to stay perfectly still, but considering i am getting it done on my knees can i still move my hands? Also, will I be able to apply chapstick? I have to apply chapstick atleast 4 times an hour as my lips get extremely chapped extremely fast. What do I do to pass the time? I have grinding in my knees so that's what I am getting the MRI done on. If I want out, will they listen to me if I tell them to let me out?
Additional Details
I'm 16, so chances are they aren't going to give me a prescription for valium just for one time. Also I just got done accutane so my lips are wrecked so thats basically why I need to apply chapstick alot. And I have insurance so I'm not paying for any of this anyways to the person who said it costs 2grand for an MRI scan. Otherwise, thanks for the tips everyone. I hope they put me in feet first that would only make sense.

Red Terror.
one of the better things to do is to sing at the top of your lungs. it really annoys the people on the other end of the console...their reactions are justy priceless. about three months ago one of my girlfriends friends told me to get my head looked at cuz i was being weird, so i humored her and went to do an mri.
i came out with no signs of abnormalities...to the amazement of the docs.

81 Honda
Yes, they will let you out. If you don't like small spaces, you know like you were getting buried alive, you should ask the doctor that called for the test to write you a small script for an anxiety pill or something..I've had two, the first one I had no medicinal help, that was horrid, the second, I had to stop cuz I started to freak out a little, then I came back with some meds and I was golden


Yes you have to be very still and the MRI Tech will be able to hear you if you need to come out. Some places have head phones so you can listen to music. Otherwise just close your eyes and try to think or focus on something else.

You can probably wiggle your fingers if you need to, but you probably won't be able to apply chapstick. Try putting vaseline on your lips before you go in. By the way chapstick isn't good. The more you put on the more you need it. Try to find a different way to moisten them. I know vaseline is kind of goopy and grose.

Samantha D
i got an MRI done last year and they play music while your in there . just put alot of vasilene on so your lips stay moist

Randy K
I do these procedures all the time. First, you should go in feet first for a knee so you can slowly move your hands to avoid any movement of your lower extremities. You can ask your doctor for a Valium to take a hour before. This helps people relax but you will not be able to drive.

Yes they can hear you, many ppl get claustrophobic and if you think you will call the Dr's office who ordered the test and tell them
they will give you an prescription for Valium or something similar
some of these MRI places have headphones where you listen to music, call them and ask if they don't ask if you can bring your ipod etc.
even if it is for your knees you have to be complete still.
forget about the chap stick you can live without out it for 10 minutes.
Also i keep my eyes closed and pretend I am somewhere else like laying on a beach, or just think of something that makes you happy.
this test is important so, don't worry about your lips etc, the test really doesn' t last that long.
and if you call out to let you out before the test is done, you will just have to do it again. and your insurance company could bill you for the full amount of the 2ed one.
good luck

If you are getting an MRI of the knees you will not be totally enclosed in the machine and you will not be in it for an hour. There is also an open MRI machine but I believe the results are not as clear. Don't worry about it - its not bad at all.

Lay still.

Dr. J. Argon M.D.
Just sleep. You really can't bring anything in or anything. And depending on how long it takes, you may just have ot deal with chapped lips for a while.

Just think about life and sleep or soemthing.

they might put you in feet first because of that, and i've only had MRIs on my head, so i dont know what to tell you.....but i think you'll be able to deal without chapstick for a half an hour. trust me, i know chapstick.

Kerbachard! The Insane! ™ ©
well,considering the cost of an MRI hits the two grand plus range, and a false reading caused by your moving may cause the doctor to miss something, or create a false impression in the wrong area, I suggest staying up or what ever it takes to be sleepy.

also, tell the X-ray people about your lip problem.

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