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 Migraine relief........?
Does anyone know any migraine treatments apart from the conventional ones?

 If I take Advil everyday is it going to cause me problems?
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 Apart from a massage and heat,what's good for aching shoulders,I can feel knots in them.?

Additional Details
Nothing wrong with heat, but using one of those wheat bags don't always help!...

Lovely Joyful Peeps
What Vitamins Can I take So I Don't Feel Cold?
all the time. We don't have a heater in our home. So can you recommend vitamins for me.

My hands, feet, bones are always cold. I have arthritis, too.

I have a ?
Drink some whiskey

Dd D
wear a jacket

Cold-be-gone vitamins. They're usually found beside the Ahh-too-hot! supplements.

dr. paige
iron is a good idea, especially if you are anemic.

Allison E
I don't think vitamins will keep you from feeling cold. Why not put on a sweater and slippers or something?

I would just wear more clothing!

I get cold hands and feet all the time, even when it is warm. I have diabeties.


Iron pills. Anemics are often cold because of the lack of iron. When they take theie pills they are able to handle it better. I know, I live with two of them.

I don't think vitamins will do it...warm drinks like tea and hot chocolate and lots of layers of clothes and blankets. Get a puppy to snuggle up to when you are cold too
You could get one of those little portable heaters if you feel it that much. They're only about $15 and warm you up nicely - they use a fair bit of electricity though

Calcium and Vit B and E.

sometimes niacian helps. u probably are not very active, and combining that with getting older and poorer circulation, it makes u feel constantly cold. is there ANY way u can up your physical activity? even walking around, cleaning house, laundry, will help get the blood flowing. what about getting a heating pad? they are very inexpensive.

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