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What's the best thing to cure/ease the discomfort of mouth ulcers??

Bonjela and all the stuff you can buy from the chemists are all good and another idea is to take an antacid tablet(like pepcid chewable). It coats the mouth and covers the ulcer so it doesnt feel so sore.

Richard K
Eat ice cream...........

Gargling salt water
Gargling and swallowing solubale paracetmol and rinsing with iced water before a meal
Pastilles and gels that are avaliable from chemists. Most people think of bonjela but the are alot of brandsthat are better out here.
eating licorice.
If you are getting them alot or all the time, you should consider your changing your diet. This should be rich in vitamin C from fresh fruit, Vitamin B from bread, milk and potatoes, Iron from red meat and green veg (leafy) and zinc from seafood and cererals.
You should also visit the dentist every 6 months and avoid stressful situations.


Ouch!! Yep, Bonjella is what I've found best. Some people use TCP but I don't fancy that.

Gargle your mouth out regularly with warm water and some salt in it.

Bonjela is very good, cools as well gets rids of the infection.


Rolyn R
Ambesol....much more effective than Bonjela.

Salt water. Jobs done in no time.

oraldene mouthwash

Kate S
salt water- its disgusting but it does the job!

John L
American Orabase is great because it contains benzocaine but my doctor once reccomended a little swig of something alcoholic and swirl it around your mouth (then you can swallow it)

I always gargle with salt water, it stings like mad though! and then I use bonjela.

Also, holding an ice cube against it helps, ulcers are weak against the cold.

Works a treat!

bonjella is quite good but if you dont like jelly in your mouth you can buy rinstead pastiles
salt water gets rid of the infection but deosnt ease the pain

stop telling fibs..

Gargle salt water to speed recovery, and bonjela..

Chocolate works for me. Put a piece of good chocolate in your mouth, let it melt and spread it with your tongue over the area.

Bonjela is good!

i get them a lot. and they rate annoy me. i usually get them on my tongue and i get a egg cup and fill it with water. then put some salt in it. then i stick my tongue in the water for like 30 secs. i do that twice a day and it clears up.

Take a small piece of ice, wet it and apply on the ulcer. Apply it directly on the sore for 10 seconds, remove and wait for 3 sec then apply again. Repeat for 5 minutes and do it every hour.

The mouth ulcer is herpes and it is weak against cold. So if you do this when the sore is starting it will not spread or get any bigger. The ulcer will start healing faster and ease the pain.

No need to spend money on drugs or use chemicals.

Here are some other home remedies:
* Swab the ulcers with Milk of Magnesia
* Make a paste of baking soda and water; apply directly to the ulcers
* Make a mix of half milk of magnesia and half Benadryl, and hold in the mouth for up to 3 minutes
* Alum applied three to four times in a twelve hour period will cause the sore to fall off and let the mouth heal entirely.
* Rubbing alcohol on a q-tip works, but is painful at first contact.

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