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What's a good pain medication to ask my dentist to prescribe?
I have a hard time with vicodin (because of the asperin content) and tylonal 3 does nothing. Whats a good pain medication that my dentist can prescribe? I want something thats going to make me feel good. Can a dentist pescribe perkacet? or something better? Please help me.
Additional Details
Actually Mandy VZ. I'm not a drug addict. I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled and Vicodin makes me sick to my stomach which only adds to the missery of pain. I am asking first so I know what to ask for from the dentist, because they, like you, just jump to conclusions when you ask them for something else. Labeling people as a drug addict. It's a shame that I can't openly talk to my physician with out them labeling me.
People with your mentality is why there is so much judgement in this world. Do everyone a favor and keep your hateful remarks to yourself!

I have very good luck with Darvocet. Neither Vicodin or Tylenol 3 work for me, but the Darvocet does.

An excellent pain killer -needs no special Rx form - is Hycodan tablets 5 mg. hydrocodone.

Two of these or three will dull the pain very much. Even one does it for me. contains no aspirin or acetaminophen. Tell him youtried it before and you tolerate it well. It is a cough reliever or a mild painkiller. Good stuff.

Dentists can prescribe anything they desire, but the questions is WILL they prescribe it??

try to speak softly & politely to your dentist, don't act desperate. Use the word "Please".

I love my Hycodans !!!!!!!! I took one earlier. It calmed me down, too.

♥ BuffaloGirl ♥
There is no aspirin in vicodin. It's hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Percocets contain acetaminophen and oxycodone, so if vicodin bothers you, percocets probably will too. Percocet is a very strong pain medication, so I highly doubt your dentist will prescribe it to you. Darvocets are a weaker pain pill, but also contain acetaminophen. Talk to your dentist, and he/she will evaluate the pain to see what will help you.

P.S. - Referring to the answer about "Hycodan "- I'm not sure what area you live in, but in most places, anything with hydrocodone in it requires a prescription and isn't sold over the counter, and is still addictive. The only exception is in Canada, and it's Tylenol with codeine (a VERY small amount), called two twenty twos (222's).

well its percocet . it comes in 5 mgs 7.5 mgs and 10 mgs you can also try darvocet n-100 Vicotin has tylenol thats why it is called vicotin 5/500 or 7.5 /500 or 20/500 the 500 is tylenol

Mandy VZ
Yes, dentists can prescribe Percocet, but they usually prescribe Lortab more frequeently, and then only do it for things like abcessed teeth, root canals, and the like. You're not going to get a damn thing if you ask for a prescription by name. And wanting something that's going to make you "feel good" is no way to act either. If you have REAL pain and need a narcotic, the dentist will likely give you a handfull. If not, which is the vibe I'm getting, then you're a drug seeker and you're just making it harder on those of us out there that have genuine pain that requires narcotics. The enxt time you want to do this, think about how you would feel if your mother or grandmother was denied a narcotic medication she genuinely needed because people like you lie to doctors and try to obtain meds they don't really need.

IF you had bothered to look at my profile and past answers before running off at the mouth, you would know I am a VERY vocal advocate of the use of narcotics for pain control. But you didn't say "What a good medicine I can ask my dentist to prescribe? I want something that will really help the pain." You said, "What is a good medicine I can ask my dentist to prescribe? I want SOMETHING TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD." You made yourself look like you were drug seeking with that remark, you didn't need my help. Any doctor or dentist would say the exact same thing.

Your dentist will only prescribe a pain medication if one is needed for a dental problem or to ease the pain after a procedure. Then it will be at his discretion as to what he gives you based on the extent of the procedure. You may request something, but if it's too strong of a medication, he won't prescribe it or he will give you something of less strength. So unless you have an abscessed tooth or some upcoming surgical procedure, I doubt you will be prescribed anything. Hate to tell you, but that's how it is.

Additional information: Dentist are doctors, they can prescribe any medication available, but they usually do stay with in their realm of expertise.

I can't remember how many patients over the years that have requested pain medications for simple things like fillings, or crown seating....only forcing me to say "no" and explain why we don't do that and that they don't need the medication, it's embarrassing to the patient to be refused and it's placed in their medical chart so the next time pain med's are needed, we're very cautious as to what we prescribe. It used to be known that the dental office was the place to get pain med's for anything, that's no longer the case. Dentist are becoming more and more aware of the patient's who don't "need" them but "want" them and are tightening up on what they are writing prescriptions for. After all it's their license involved in prescribing medications illegally.

mr. dorkface
ask about codiene 4...

you're not going to get much better from a dentist......

they can only prescribe the milder forms.

Vicodin has no aspirin content.
I'm sure the dentist will tell you what he would recommend. "Feeling good" doesn't sound like you want pain relief. It sounds like you want to get high.

Well I had all of my wisdom teeth extracted, and I was prescribed Mefenamic acid 500mg .. works with me ..

Also Diclofenac Sodium 100mg would do the job .. If not, then tramadol 50mg might help ..

Just make sure you don't have any problem with your stomach .. or simply take your medication within/after meals ..

Hope you feel better soon ..

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