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 Internal pain in lower left abdominal area, lasting 8 days now...?
My 70 year old friend has been experiencing lower abdominal pain in the left quadrant now for over a week. He didn't take a fall or anything like that. Just said he's been feeling this pain ...

 My throat hurts when i swallow??
my head also feels pressure. i got it this morning i got 2 cure it fast. tried tylenol cold, numbing, cough drops, salt water, honey with tea. is there anything else?...

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 How can I stop this persistent headache?
I have had it for 4 days now and Tylonol will not stop it. It moves to different spots as well. It does not hurt too bad But it is pulsing....

 My friend took 9 Extra Strength Tylenol. Is she going to be okay? She's acting loopy and her mouth is dry.

 Found some pills in my brother room. Watson on one side, 3202 on the other...?
They are white oval shaped pills with Watson on one side and 3202 on the other. They have little red dots all over them. Please help identify them for me.
Additional Details
Pain pills......

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 Back ache.....?
I am having back ache from more than six months.I have been to the ortho.doc. Did all tests,viz..mri,xray,urine,blood tests everything is normal.Doc says nothing is wrong with me as the tests are ...

 Motrin vs. tylenol? WHICH IS BETTER?

 I have a slight chest pain on the left side any ideas wat it could be?
it started to hurt about 4 months ago when i landed wrong on my cousins trampoline and know when i work out or play hard it hurts everyone keeps telling me it is a pulled muscle but i wanted to see ...

 Which is best for headaches-Tylenol, Aspirin or Ibuprofen?
Muscle ache?...

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 I have the worst hangover from wine, HELP PLEASE!!?
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 Why do i have a really bad pain on my rectum?
I'm not trying to be gross or nasty about this, all i know is that I don't have a hernia or anything similar. I just have a really bad pain as if something is trying to go inside. it's ...

 My bunions hurt really bad should i get surgery?
There so bad that every time i walk it ...

 How to get rid of muscle sorness quickly
I have delayed onset of muscle soreness. I dint think i have pulled a muscle or anything but i can bearly move my legs my quads in both legs hurt so bad! Any ideas on how to get rid of the pain?...

Upset stomach, back pain, dizzy, light headed, severe headache.... wat is wrong with me....?

You might be pregnant if you're a woman.

Sounds like you have my job.

sounds like menstrual symptoms.

How old are you? Previous conditions? What meds do you take? Allergies? What were you doing prior to this happening??

You should go to the ER right away, it really could be anything, but it sounds like you need medical treatment ASAP.

Try going to the Dr and finding out...last time I looked there was no emergency room here in Yahoo....or for that matter a Drs. office.

HAng OVer!!!

the flu?

Julia L.
Honestly, without some sort of medical history, your problem could be anything from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm that's bleeding slowly to a kidney infection to the flu to a migraine with a back strain. We have NO WAY TO KNOW. Go to your local emergency room or urgent care clinic and seek medical attention as soon as physically possible (which would likely be now).

Go to the doctor, sounds like a virus is coming on, but you really should talk to a professional, look up your symptoms on www.webmd.com Good Luck!

See a doctor, they are right, now, it could be a number of things, depending on your age, medical history, ect...but, don't let this go...and don't rely on this, seek professional care as soon as possible it''s better to be safe than sorry...

Don't re lie on any of us to tell you what's wrong, It sounds like you need to go and let your Doctor check you out.
Lets us know if you are OK.

All your symptoms sound like flu type symptoms; but can also be related to a lot of different diseases. If this has just started, drink plenty of water, take something like Advil for pain, rest, light diet and plenty of sleep. If the symptoms last more than 2-3 days, call your doctor. If any of the symptoms become extremely severe are different in any way, go to the ER. There are other factors to consider also. Have you started any new medications lately that could be causing these type of side effects? If you have any heart problems are such, I wouldn't wait around and worry; get your doctor on the phone now.

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