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Ainsley K
Throwing up from headache?
i threw up because my head hurt so bad. The headache wont go away, i took medicine and it still will not leave. i do not know what to do, its 1 am and everyone is asleep. I dont want to take more medicine, but this is such a terrible headache. what should i do ? And is it normal to throw up from a headache?

Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
To make things short, if you have a headache and you're throwing up, the ONLY thing you should do right now is get yourself to the ER very quickly.

you have a migrane see your dr. in the morning

hiphop anonymous
yes it is normal. Try laying flat. That helps me.

Gardener for God (formerly dmd)
It is normal to throw up if your head hurts and it is a migraine.

Both my sons have migraines, and they throw up because of it. According t the neurologist, this is one of the symptoms of a migraine.

Sometimes regular over the counter medicines help, but many times, you must see the doctor for a prescription for them.

Is this the first one? To elevate it, you might try limiting your video game playing and computer. the screens seem to trigger migraines. Get a cold cloth and put on your forehead and eyes. Also, being in a pitch black dark room seems to help my sons with theirs. Don't take anymore medicine. Sometimes, rubbing Vick's or Mentholatum on your forehead helps as well, at least a bit. Also, eating something salty seems to help sometimes.

I would go to the doctors or at least as your parents.
It can be normal, like it's not like it doesn't happen, but it's not a usual thing.

It sounds like you've got a migraine on your hands... My aunt used to get them and she had to go to the hospital and get an injection to make them go away... If you have good insurance this is what I would suggest...
But how much medicine have you taken?? Ibuprofen is the best painkiller for headaches and you can take 3 or 4 of the normal sized pills (it's called a therapeutic dose; they give you that much if you go to the hospital)... Just make sure that you do a google search to make sure that there isn't a drug interaction between that much ibuprofen and whatever else you've taken... you have to be careful to not overdose!
If the headache hasn't gone away by tomorrow I would suggest that you go to see a doctor even if you don't have insurance... Try to avoid the emergency room.. they'll charge you an arm and a leg... Instead try a minor emergency clinic or set up an immediate appointment with a local doctor

Good luck and I'm sorry that you're feeling so terrible... I'll send healing energy your way and pray for you!!

yes its normal. That would be called a migraine. To tell you the truth, it is actually good to throw up, it will relieve the pressure from the migraine. And it will help your head feal better.

Another thing, get off the computer, and go lay down on your bed in the dark. Cause being around bright light will also hurt the migraine even more.

medicines usually do not tend to help migraines all too well.

your best bet is just to go to sleep. it will go away.

When you wake up if its still there, then u might wanna take some more medicine.

And o yeah another thing. this might sound silly, but try massaging your feet.
feet have certain pressure points, that can help all over your body. i know there is a certain part on your foot that if you rub it, it will help your headache go away.

if your hair is in a pony tale or something, take it out!

if all fails....

Head on, apply dirrectly to the forehead,
head on apply dirrectly to the forehead
head on apply dirrectly to the forehead

Migraines can definitely make people throw up. It's common. Sorry, I don't have any good advise for you that would help right away. Don't know how much pain killer you already took, so not sure if you can take more or not. Can you see a doctor soon?

Dawn Dawn
Its normal if its a migrain. Are you sensitive to light? Go to Er or Dr

It sounds like you don't have a headache, but a migraine. Migraines cause you to be nauseated, sensitive to sound and light, and feel extreme head pain. I would find a strong pain reliever to take and then go to the doctor soon so you can get a prescription for it.

Al W
When I had that, my brain had bled so you might want to go to walk-in clinic, I wasn't complacent enough to go on the computer but better safe right?

if the pain is severely bad.....like the absolute worst headache of your life....then go to the emergency room so that they can scan your head. they also have stronger medications they can give you to reduce your headache

however, if you've had headaches like this in the past....maybe it may be a migraine headache. in that case, stay in a cool quiet area.

Mr. Goodkat
Sounds like a migraine, and vomiting is not uncommon with that. What I do when I get a migraine is take a hot shower, and just let the water hit your face and head. That will provide you a little relief. Then get a wet washcloth and put it over your eyes and lay down in the most comfortable position you can get in. It is very tough to deal with these headaches, but sometimes a bunch of little things will help get rid of it.

Being on the computer wont help it though

that is not just a head ach that sounds like a mygrain. i used to get them bad to and yes throwing up is normal but that sounds like a really strong mygrain. most pain killers do not help mygrains because a mygrain is caused by something totally different in the brain. what it is is that the nerves in your brain are being erritated and it is sending painfull shocks to your brain. in serious cases it can cause
-blurry or ripply vision
-light or sound sensitivity

if it is keeping you up that is not good at all you need to see your doc right away and get a perscription for mygrin prevention or something of that sort. if it gets worse or does not go away you need to wake someone and go to the ER esspecially if you keep throwing up.

good luck and email me with any questions

oh yeah and one more thing. there is a spot right in between your thumb and pointer finger that is like a big tenden like a not. find it on either hand and squeez it as hard as you can. it will hurt but you will feel the head ach releaved in seconds. if someone else can do it for you it works better.

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