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 . HELP ! Do you or have you suffered with sever headaches.?
This questiuon is about my husband and his awful headaches.
Brief history- 5 yrs ago he started to get headaches and migranes, went to docs had MRI scan all clear told 1 in 5 people have migrane ...

Does hydrocodone come in a little blue pill with an A- sign on one side?
Additional Details
I found a bttle of meds that say hydrocodone/apap 5/500mg the pill inside is blue with an A- ...

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 Whys my eye swollen?[red&puffy]
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.STOMACH/LEFT CHEST even on trampoline it hurts?...

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I hate my life, nothing seems to go right no matter what I do.
I don't know why I'm asking this, I guess I want ...

 Sore Throat?!!!?
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 Sleep problems?
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im due to get surgery tomorrow at 11,30 to wire my finger back together after a fall im not aloud to eat or drink anything from 6.00am does this mean im not aloud to take pain killers i forgot to ask ...

 Does it hurt to get your ears peired?
Im twelve and sooooo afraid of shots!
(thats why I held off this whole time)
So for a shot hater like me would it hurt? Alot?
Is it worth it?...

 What causing my back pain?
every time I move my uper body left or right I hear 3 concective pops along my upper spine. there is a constant pain in my left shoulder blade....

is 30mg and 900APAP too much at take at once? my pharm says its fine...but i took it and it put me to sleep...is that normal?

im perscrbed them by the ...

Pill stuck in throat?
i took advil's migrane pill. it's an orange jelly-like pill the size of a jelly bean. i took it an hour ago and it's still stuck. it hurts to swallow my salivia, food, and water. what do i do?

Make two small balls of boiled rice and eat it one by one.dont drink water for 15 minutes

Just be glad it wasn't a Viagra or equivalent.

Well, before you go to the doctor, if it does not go down on its own - I would drink a lot of liquids, preferably water. The liquid should push the pill through in time.

If there is still pain and the pill has not gone through for a considerable amount of time, I would get it checked out.

I would suggest eating something such as chips or bread. These usually do the trick for me. It doesn't work right away, but it does help to push the pill down.

go to the doc.hope u'll be well soon

The Robster
I would eat some bread and keep drinking lots of water. I know it's uncomfortable, but eventually it will do down or dissolve

Katie G
try drinking some milk this may help, if this dosn't phone nhs direct they will be able to give you advice . hope this helps x

A hot liquid, as hot as you can stand without burning, preferrably soup

Drink a lot of Pepsi. Or lemon juice. Something acidic that will erode the pill and unlatch it from your throat. And don't worry. You won't get sick or burna hole into your stomach.

Kit Kat
try drinking warn liquids, this should help speed the process of "melting/dissolving" the pill

Drink carbonated or hot beverages. If the pill is still lodged try tilting your head back and use your hand to gently apply some pressure under the chin (or where you feel the pill is stuck) and kind of massage it down. I am a nurse and we do this sometimes in our older patients who have trouble swallowing pills. If this doesn't work, the pill should eventually dissolve enough to dislodge. Keep drinking liquids.

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