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Peeing razor blades?
hello. this just started happening about an hour ago, and its kind of random and painful. if feels like i have a razor blade in my "area". and when i go to the bathroom, it hurts even worse. like i have to cringe to go to the bathroom. i have had a bladder infection before which then spread to a kidney infection (because i didnt think anything of it) and i dont remember it being this painful. it hurts to walk, and the only comfort i get is when i sit. and i do not have the urge to go, so i have no idea what it is.
its just a burning feeling, like really bad. i have been trying to drink lots of water as well.
please help, this pain needs to go

UTI or Bladder Infection. Go to the Doc and have it cultured and get on an anti-biotic. Meanwhile, drink cranberry juice.
PS..Most UTI's are caused by E-coli bacteria......fecal matter...caused by not wiping yourself from front to back.

Tylor <3 loving my army boy x
urinary tract infection.. i had it wen i was like 13 n it hurt SO bad... i know exactly what yer going thro.. u need to see yer doctor asap, so he/she can perscribe u a antibotic to kill the pain

Sounds like a severe bladder infection. Go tot he doctor right away to get checked.

What you seem to have is a urinary tract infection. By the description that you have given on the pain it seems that its a bad infection. Best thing to do would be to go see a doctor right away so that you can get medicine for it. Uninary tract infections or UTI's really hurt. Drinking water does help but according to the pain that youre having like i said earlier it would be best if you consulted with ur parents and went and saw a doctor.

Good luck and hope everything is taken care of!

Sounds like kidney stones.
Try AZO (you can get it any drug store). It'll help alot with the discomfort until you can get the doctor.

Get AZO untill you can get to a Doctor... its going to turn your pee a very strange color Orange... but it will make the symptoms go away untill you get on anit-biotics.. i get them ALLLL the time. No worries

You really need to get to a doctor ASAP. If it is kidney stones, you need to be knocked out so they can remove them, because the pain is absolutely unbearable.

Those are definately signs of a urinary tract infection (UTI). You will need to be seen by your doctor for antibiotics so that the infection will not spread to your kidneys again.

Drinking cranberry juice will help adjust the ph level of your urine and the over-the-counter medication called "AZO" will help with some of the symptoms until you can see your doctor later today or tomorrow.

Take care of this NOW !!! You already have a history of kidney infection and you don't need to let this go and cause yourself irreversable kidney damage.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


Sounds like a bladder infection.....you need to see a doctor to get an antibiotic to get rid of it. My personal experience has been when people use AZO and then they come to the office we cannot check their urine for infection because it changes the color and balance making it impossible to get an accurate reading. Drinking water and cranberry juice will help and does not effect the test.

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