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katie n
Pain right under my knee?
for a while now i have had some pain right under my knee. its kind of hard to explain like sometimes it gets really bad and i'll have to limp when walking then other times it hurts but i can still walk on it and stuff. last year i tumbled a lot and jumped on my trampoline. could i have hurt it that way? i dont know see right now it doesnt hurt at all. and when it does hurt its only when im walking on it. i have heard of tendinitis, could it be that? i really dont know that much about it but im just wondering, if not what could it be? i go on walks a lot if that may have caused it. also my knees pop a whole lot. any advice will help! thanks
Additional Details
its only on one of my legs and it doesnt even hurt all the time like it doesnt right now and the pain isnt extremely bad. im just wondering if it's serious though.

Knee pain is a condition that might be related to a variety of causes. The fact that hurts, gets well then, as you walk, hurts again , suggests that there is injury and any repetitive minor reinjury (as in walking) triggers the pain. Any knee that pops a lot needs to be checked for ligament injuries or other joint structures. Pain is just a symptom. My suggestion is for you to see a physician and insist in getting to the true cause of the injury or condition. Be aware, there are inflammatory chronic conditions that can have serious incapacitating future repercussions. seek the right help, a physician.

nAnCy iS oN!!!!
i get that sometimes too i dont know what it is..maybe weak knees

You need to go to a doctor! Until then, ice/cool it down, stay off of it and get into to an Orthopedic doctor. Knee's popping is a lack of lubricant that an orthopedic doctor can also help you with.

you might have osgood schlatters disease, you need to go to a doctor to get it checked out before it gets worse and causes damage.
i do gymnastics and i last year i had horrible pains right below my knee. i had a bump there where it was hurting but the other knee didnt have it. my knee was hurting for months but eventually went away but a girl on my team has the same thing and her pain keeps coming back.
i would go to the doctor just to see what is happening. also tie some prewrap under tour knee where it is hurting for me it relieved alot of the pain i was having.

I've got the same problem. I was just complaining about it. I usually have to take pres. naproxin (but you can get it over the counter in smaller doses) It's for inflamation. It helps. I fell one time (on my rt knee)...and everytime I fall ..it's always the same knee. When it first happened, I didn't walk on it much for awhile...then...all of a sudden I couldn't even walk to the mailbox (at the road). I almost had to crawl back. It got so bad I had to go to the emergency room. They x rayed it and didn't see anything. I know that exercise helps so don't completely stop. I think it must be a nerve. The dr. wants to do a sonogram or something on it...but I'm not paying that much money to find out nothing can be done. And I won't have an operation on it. I'm going to google whatever that other girl said and see if it could be what I have. Just wanted you to know....I'm hurting with you. Feels like a knife going into my knee sometimes. This happened to me over a year ago.

I would venture to guess that you may have a torn meniscus. To determine this, you would need an MRI. A small tear is often seen which looks kind of like the shape of a "v". So sometimes the tip of the "v" can become tucked under itself, and that is when it hurts like crazy. Then for some reason, it will just sort of "untuck" itself and the pain is gone just like that. If it is a definitive tear, it will need to be taken care of. There are two schools of thought on that: surgery (Meniscal Repair) or Prolotherapy (a naturalistic approach in which the meniscus is encouraged to repair itself through injections).

i had the same thing in my knee from soccer
its called tendinitis and mine went away after awhile
and when i needed to play soccer i would take pre-wrap [holds back your hair, put on before tapeing, if you dont know what i mean] and i would tie it in a string form and place it under my knee
the pain went away right away.
im not sure if thats what you have or not.

tendinitis is merely inflamation...like runners could have it, tennis players could have it, etc.

You do have a lot of tumbling and jumping in your past and, depending on your age and how much you did that exercise, or the same exercise over and over, plus your walking a lot now, sure you "could' have started a problem for yourself. When you tell a doctor that it hurts when you do something they will tell you to stop doing that something. So my advice to you is to change your style and start being an observer instead, begin watching sports instead of participating in them.

live for today
i strongly believe you have Osgood schlatter disease...

here is a website with information on it

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