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Orthopedic surgeon or neurologist?
Which doctor should I see if I suspect that I have carpel tunnel (sp) or some other kind of issue with my hands?
Additional Details
I don't have a primary care doc (I go to the Chiropractor and a midwife)... and my insurance does not require a referral - I can see anyone I want for consultations and surgeries, etc...but I'm a busy mom with no time to mess around with the wrong doctor!

Definitely see an orthopedic surgeon. A neurologist deals with the brain and stuff. Also, have you seen your primary care physician about this? Most times you'll need a referal from your primary to an orthopedist for treatment. Call your doctor and see if he/she needs to see you first, or if you can just go ahead and make an appointment with an orthopedist. Hope this helps. Good Luck. :-)

Orthopod!! Neurologist deals with the nervous system.

Orthopedic, they are bones.
Neurologist, is your head/brain.

Go to your family Dr. for a reccomendation. then he can be the point person that oversees everything and puts in in English for you.

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•

Nathan H.
Usually a chiropractor will help you with carpel tunnel. If not, then see the orthopedic surgeon because carpel tunnel doesn't usually have anything to do with the nerves, just your carpel bones, hence the name. Hope this helped.

If you had bad head aches, I would say go to the neurologist....

MonTana Tiggs (Smokey)
There are doctors that specialize in hands and I would rather go to one of them because then you know the surgery would be more exact. My MoM cut her finger off , she did go to the Ortho, and neuro but they sent her to hand surgeon -They did an awesome job!

I hope for your sake you don't have it . GOOD LUCK!

See a hand specialist. They are surgeons who specialize in wrist and hand problems, in your case, a carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand specialists have been trained initially as a plastic surgeon, an orthopedist or a general surgeon.

Jav B
Orthopedics specialized in hand surgery, not just any orthopedics!

Angela R
Go to an ortho first. If you go to a neurologist they will either give you wrist braces, try cortisone injections, or they will give you an EMG test...it's a nerve conduction test to check for carpal tunnel. If you have CTS they will send you to an ortho anyway....believe me...I'm a Med Assistant for neurolgists and I aide in doing the EMG tests atleast 2x a week.

Also just to let you all know a neurolgist does deal with Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is a nerve that is pinched in the canal tunnel of the wrist.

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