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Need to get my Doctor to listen to me?
I have had Chronic back pain for over 6 years it's also been getting worse as in the pain radiates into my arm and fingers. I have pleaded with them to do an MRI I have told them the medicine doesn't work I have gone to Chiropractures it does no good. Alot of times I have to go to the ER because the meds they give me actually make me feel better even only temporarily but I actually feel great but I'm afraid if I tell the doctors this they'll just think I'm an addict I think I need surgery because the pain is horrible How can I get the help I need I'm getting desperate I think if I have to keep going through all this pain I'd rather just die.

dont die
worst choice.

demand it or say you quit.
maybe they wont let you because your insurance wont cover it or they know you cant pay for it?
just MAKE them do it.
be forceful in telling them but dont get rude
hope this helps :)

the er room should of took x-rays and even refer you to a back doctor-i would change doctors to.

Azman N
Don't kill yourself...!! please!

Kitty Lucy
Switch Doctors then.

See a different doctor.

i'd definetly change doctors, although if you live in canada, it will be a hard thing, seeing as NO ONE is accepting "new" patients... :( my mom has been looking for a family doctor for over 3 years..... good luck!
oh and ps- if you do get to see a doctor and theres something wrong muscle-wise, try acupuncture (i know, i was a HUGE sceptic at first, didnt believe in it at ALL.... but it worked so well for me and it might be worth a shot!)

Go see another doctor...someone not associated with your current doctor.

sweet chick
cant you sew for that...i mean if its really getting serious they HAVE to do something. because if they dont cure it now it can get WAY worse!

Go to a different doctor, with confidence in yourself and be elaborate! Unfortunatly the health care system works on a priority of care basis (ie, the more disabling the pain, the faster you get service) due to lack of funds, globally! Chronic back pain can be from may problems. Is it lower or mid or high up Have you done heavy lifting before? Have you slipped a disc? ( I am going somewhere) Have you pinched a nerve? Is it all the time or only when you do a certian activity? Sounds like a nerve ending problem, but I could be wrong. Now Back pain can also be a symtom of an injury elasewhere in your body. Now go to a good, well known Dr and tell them everything! You must tell them about going to ER and that the pain is disabling you. ER is usually for emergency, not chronic problems. This is not good enough!
ER Nurse, New Zealand.

My husband has that very same type of back pain. He says sometimes his fingers go numb. It could be a herniated or ruptured disk. Or, it could just be a pinched nerve. I would not consider going to a chiropractor. First of all, find a new doctor. If this one is not listening to you, it would be best to go elsewhere. Then, look into taking physical therapy. My husband has been going for about 2-3 weeks now and I definitely see an improvement in him. Good luck.

Leah O
Get a second opinion. and for sure change your doctor, doesnt seem like he cares

stop the meds- see a surgeon. They'll be able to find the pinched nerve and realign your spine so that it dosn't hurt anymore.

Kaye B
Get more opinions from different Dr.s, go to natheopath,or go to a Chinese herbalist, apparently they can tell a lot from looking at your tongue , if you don't believe me look it up on the Internet. Let me know how you go, through my profile.

Have you tried an Osteopathic Physician? Find one that specializes in back pain and does OMT in their clinic. I know you said you saw a chiro, but osteopaths can do some great manipulations while also having a complete understanding of clinical medicine. Since you said it radiates into your arms, the nerve impingement might be higher up than the mid to lower back pain that most people experience. You could have a nerve issue in the cervical or thoracic region or impingement in the brachial plexus near the 1st rib along with any low back problems. I'm sorry you've had poor experiences with the ER, but they do get many drug seekers every day. Unfortunately, this causes them to be overly suspicious about musculoskeletal pain complaints. You might be better off finding a smaller clinic with a physician that is willing to sit down and really listen to your problems and all of the aspects that may be contributing to your pain. Good Luck and Take Care.

monstrisa ???
go to a different doctor, maybe they will help

Honey...go to another doctor...Have you ever heard of getting a second opinion? Doctors don't know everything. Ask someone you know to refer you to someone else. About two years ago I was experiencing vertigo, muscle spasms, and other symptoms...and of course anxiety from the whole ordeal. My doctor prescribed me lexapro (depression medication), but I wasn't freakin depressed, and........he told me to come back in a month because he couldn't figure out what was wrong. QUACK!!! After having several test done (everything was fine)...I went to another doctor and found out it was my freakin' allergies!!! And some of the stuff was actually happening because of all the medication my doctor gave me...Bottom line...Please seek help elsewhere...Good Luck!!!

Be careful, going to ERs for pain meds is a good way to start a bad habit/addiction. If your doc does not listen to you and you cannot express yourself fully to him/her. Dump them. Physicians are there for you, and a good physician will listen to your problems without judgement (at first anyway) and attempt to help you find an answer. People are often too afraid to tell their doctor about addictions. Ironically, people who suffer from addiction are the most successful when they incorporate there doctor into helping them stop. Chronic pain is a booger of a problem and medicine is still trying to catch up. If you can try seeing an Anesthesiologist, many of which specialize in pain management. Best wishes.

Find some different Dr.s that will listen to you.

change doctors.

If your doctor wont listen to you change doctors

Sorry to hear of your pain. I know exactly how you feel. I have a spine injury and it took me a few years to get the doctors to believe that I wan't just looking for pain meds. Here is what I do

Start a daily journal of your pain. Nothing fancy, I use a steno pad.
Where you hurt
When you hurt
How badly you hurt on a scale of 1-10
And most important, how the pain is effecting your every day life. What your pain is keeping you from doing.

Take it with you to your doctor. It's hard to communicate to your doctor how you feel in the few minutes that you have with him and you are nervous from being there anyway.
I have been in a pain management program for about 7 years for chronic pain and using this technique seems to really help. This will also give you a lot better chance of getting the pain medication you need to get relief. It allows the doctor to understand how you normally feel, not just how you feel while in the office.

Here are a few links to sites I use often for pain issues. Hope they help

Here is a link to alternative medicine that may be of interest to you.

Please be careful with the chiropractors. I won't bore you with the details but I went to a chiropractor for a cervical spine injury and after about a year of getting worse I ended up having 2 operations and I am disabled partly due to his 'adjustments'. Let a MD refer to one, especially since you may have nerve damage.

Naomi K
Ask your doctor for a refferal for a second opinion that always works for me

I don't know what it is about doctors and back pain, but I do know that I have heard your exact same story over and over again. On top of that I lived it myself.

There is no excuse for you not getting the treatment that you need, especially over a period of 6years. The very first thing
that you need is a MRI and your doctor has to know that. He can take X Rays all day long and if your problem is with the soft tissues in your back, which I suspect they probably are, then nothing will ever be accomplished. More than likely you have disc troubles, either slipped, ruptured or herniated all of which have treatments that would ease your pain tremendously. You should not be going anywhere near a Chiropractor unless you have had a MRI as they could easily make your condition worse.

You didn't mention what type of doctor that you are having the trouble with, but I assume it is a primary care doctor. They are terrified to prescribe any pain medication , because there is so much heat on them over addicts getting their hands on prescription medication. That fear they have is all well and good, but not for the suffering patient. It leaves the patient suffering and in pain and being treated like they are an addict themselves. It is inexcusable

If you have insurance and you must see this doctor, you may have to threaten to turn in, into the AMA, you are intitled to have the tests done that you request and he is denying you medication for a conditon that he refuses to treat correctly..
If you do not have inusrance and you are treated by a hospital clinic then you have a great resouce with the hospitals Patient Advocate, they are very helpful and short of leaving the hospital grounds they will always get your problem solved ASAP. You really have to stand up for yourself. I learned the hard way. I waited for a very long time and tried to comply with what my doctors said until I couldn't take the pain any longer and now I am permanetly diabled and have lost most of the feeling in my lower torso from a disc laying into my Sciatic nerve. All could have been prevented with a simple MRI.

change doctors. simple as that. if your doctor isn't listening to you, find someone who will. but listening isn't the same thing as them doing what you want them to do. the doctor is much more educated than you as far as health matters. find a doctor you trust, ask a friend, or have your doctor refer you to a back specialist.

Jenni B
Start keeping a pain chart (you can google "pain charts" and they will bring up some that you can go off of). Keep it very detailed, including your pain on a scale of 1-10, what you do to try and get rid of the pain, how it makes you feel, etc. Then take it to your doctor and make him/her go over it with you. If your doctor still refuses to help you, then like the other posters said, you need to look into a different doctor. I'm not sure what sort of doctor you are currently seeing, but you really need to get in with a pain management specialist. They will want to run tests and determine the cause of the pain, and the best way to treat it.

Chronic pain leads to depression and will bring you down so low. Most chronic pain patients are also on antidepressants, and often times anti-anxiety meds as well. It's a really vicious cycle.

I honestly hope you can find some real relief and soon. Perhaps you can ask at the hospital if they can recommend a doctor that practices there who specializes in pain management, or ask your insurance company. Then, interview that doctor until you find one who will help you. Don't just settle.

Good luck!

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