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 Arthritis: which OTC is most effective?
aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol), or ibuprofen (Advil, etc)?

I have mild arthritis in my back.

Additional Details
PS: Aleve isn't available ...

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 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I asked this question but need to add more for u to understand?
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 Please hurry! Drank monsters too fast?
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 What harm is there in taking too many oxycodone?
What organs would die down, and should I call poison control?
Additional Details
I should say, I didnt take too many or anything like that, i just got an RX for it, and I wanted to know. ...

Need help for my feet from hurting after standing all day on the job...?
I just started a job where I have to be on my feet all day and do not get a chance to sit down very often, my feet are killing me at the end of the day. I also do not have the option of wearing casual shoes I have to wear professional shoes (low heels)... any suggestions on what can help.

quit! lol.

when you get home soak your feet in epsom salt

dr.scholls makes a insole for working/professional women-something like that, they form the shape of your feet,making it comfortable- i wore them whe i was passing meds in a nursing home- i was standing for 8 hours staight-always working

you can get them at walmart

try some dr. scholl's gel inserts.

get comfortable low heel shoes with ankle support. like slingbacks

Try brands such as naturalizer and clarks, wear the lowest heels you can, look for the best footbed, use heel insoles.

Anna K
Ugh, I have the same problem! I work at a grocery store, I'm a cashier, so I have to stand for up to 7 hours on some shifts. I hate how bad my feet hurt at the end of the day, but sometimes when I get home I take a warm bath and elevate my feet. A massage can also do wonders. Hope your feet find some comfort. :)

Ugh. My job's like that too, but I get at least a 30 min. break in 8 hrs. After a few weeks you'll get used to it, or wear good socks. :D

Also, raising your feet when sleeping helps them during the night I hear...

Find better professional shoes that have more support, buy gel pads for your shoes, soak your feet at night, have someone massage a foot creme after the soak, try to stay on carpet with padding as much as possible.

Good luck...I have worked many jobs over the years that required me to be on my feet all the time. Take care of your feet as best you can because you will pay later. I have problems with the facia of my feet now from time to time. I also have very bad spider veins from not wearing enough support on my legs. Don't go cheap.

Check out prettypinktoes.co.uk for these amazing trim, peel and stick insoles. They keep your feet feeling fresh and dry, not sweaty and hot. They are available in fab colours even animal print! They really are luxury for your feet!

Good luck

I stand on my feet 13 hours at work...and have been for over 20 years... so I feel qualified to answer. I dress professionally but wouldnt dream of wearing uncomfortable shoes. I always wear shoes that are cushy & bend easily & you can slip into...clogs/mules. I find that you feet expand during the day & with an open back they have a place to go. Also you can occasionally pull one foot out of your shoe & bend it about & wiggle those toes.

Being a health professional I also stand all day and do not wear recreational shoes.
I would suggest buying dress shoes with a rubber bottom. Check out Aerosoles and Arche. Sometimes Franco Sarto makes rubber bottomed dress shoes.
Also, get a medium to wide width so it will accomodate your foot as it swells throughout the day.
Lastly,mild compression stocking (knee highs) may help with the swelling which causes the discomfort.

when u get home soak them in hot soapy water
then put on a pair of comfy slippers and try to stay off ur feet sorry i cant be of better help

This is going to sound strange but it actually works. At night, put a bar of soap at the foot of the bed. There is a chemical reaction to the skin and soap. Replace every 2 months

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